MILAN, Italy -- The first edition of the Italian Mobile Advertising Award, an awards ceremony created to crown the best mobile advertising campaign aired on one of the four main Italian mobile phone networks, took place last night.

Ceramiche Refin was one of the 12 finalists, which also included brands such as Barilla, Lufthansa, Nestlè, Ford, Peugeot, Whirlpool, Che Banca!, Corriere dello Sport, Generali, Condé Nast and Veet.

The multimedia "Cromie" campaign created by Refin under Roberto Bandiera’s creative management won two of the three categories: Best Innovation and Best Engagement.

The panel that selected Refin’s work as the best campaign of the 12 was made up of famous figures in the world of communication, marketing and the mobile phone industry.

Ceramiche Refin was one of the first ceramic tile companies to believe in mobile ADV and created a multi-channel campaign with a high level of engagement based on a creative use of shapes and colors associated with the "Cromie" ceramic collection.

One of the key elements that led to the success was the creation of the "Cromie" app for iPhone and Google play, that allows users to share the photos transformed via their creativity.

The "Cromie" Collection is the result of in-depth research on the chromatic element as a fundamental concept in the development of project-planning solutions and aims at offering a tool that allows for colors to be used in a strategic way in the fields of architecture and interior design.