Kjell Sletsjøe has submitted his resignation as President and CEO of Lundhs AS in Norway. He will leave the company in the Autumn of 2011 in agreement with Lundhs Chairwoman Mette Lundh Håkestad. Sletsjøe has played a key role in the change and profit improvement program the Lundhs group has undergone during recent years.

Under Sletsjøe’s management, the Lundhs group went through massive cost-cutting exercises which turned around a negative profit development. At the same time, global sales and marketing activities were strengthened in order to ensure long-term growth. Lundhs has also in recent years made several strategic acquisitions. “These acquisitions — together with a large corporate restructuring as well as a reorganization of the operations — have laid a solid foundation for a unified Lundhs group which today has solid profits and is well prepared for future challenges,” according to a statement by the company.