The 9th Annual Arley Wholesale Tile & Stone Exposition

SCRANTON, PA -- Arley Wholesale, Inc., a family-owned, third generation supplier of tile and stone hard surfaces and installation materials, had nearly 300 dealers, retailers, designers and contractors attend its 9th Annual Arley Wholesale Tile & Stone Exposition, which was held on June 7, 2011 at Lackawanna Station Radisson in Scranton, PA.

Arley Wholesale Photo

The exhibition included a host of new product offerings -- illustrating the latest trends in stone and tile design.

The Arley Wholesale regional trade show has grown to become a must-see event each year -- with over 30 factory representatives on hand from some of the world's top manufacturers showcasing the very latest trends in tile and stone design, reports the company. Months in advance, the Arley Wholesale team has been researching the best and most popular new tile products available and showcasing how they can be displayed to increase sales and profits for dealers and retail showroom customers.

"We have been working closely with our suppliers and retailers to redesign showroom layouts and displays for more profitable sales," said Scott Levy, Executive Vice President of Arley Wholesale. "Selling to retail consumers has never been harder. We have been showing our dealers how to mix and match different tiles from different manufacturers in the same display to build incremental profits. And we're using our technology and resources to map out five-year growth plans for them. We have the best new products, innovative trends and tile sizes set up in fully-installed vignettes for them to browse and very easily order. Arley Wholesale made the conscious decision many years ago to be the absolute best distributor on the East Coast. That's something we can control. And right now the confidence between Arley and our dealer network has never been higher."