Specifically designed for handling stone slabs, Wood’s Powr-Grip’s MT (manual tilt) Series Stone Lifters feature a 90-degree tilt using an above-center pivot that

Wood’s Powr-Grip MT Series Stone Lifters 


enables slabs to hang upright when lifted from storage or display racks and tilt to flat when lowered to bridge saws or work tables. These below-the-hook vacuum lifters are designed with a narrow profile that allows them to fit between tight, vertical storage racks. Available on-board power systems, which can also be mounted remotely, include AC, DC or compressed air. Standard features include Foam Pad Rings, which allow vacuum pads to attach on saw-cut, honed or flamed stone surfaces; and Individual Pad Shutoffs, for handling irregularly shaped slabs or countertops with sink cut-outs. These vacuum lifters are also available with a Flat Lift Adapter, which enables them to load and unload slab saws, CNC machines or other horizontal processing equipment.