Celebrating its 27th edition, Cersaie once again staked its place as one of the world’s largest exhibitions of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings by drawing an international crowd of over 83,000 people. Held from September 29 to October 3, 2009 in Bologna, Italy, the show provided a forum for attendees to view the latest innovations in tile products that recently hit the market.

Once again sold out, the exposition space hosted 1,036 exhibitors from 34 different countries. Show organizers reported a 1.6% decrease in attendance from 2008, with 83,137 this year, compared to last year’s 84,537. Within those figures, 23,138 were tallied to be international visitors, while 59,999 made up the Italian visitors, “a value that makes Cersaie one of the most international exhibitions not only in Bologna but in the whole of Italy,” stated show organizers.

From tile manufacturing methods and product compositions to thoughtful consideration in the shipping process, this year’s exhibition demonstrated the many different avenues manufacturers are taking to ensure the best quality product for consumers as well as the environment.

Noticeable trends at this year’s edition included tiles with a thinner thickness of 4 to 5 mm, which is beneficial for renovations as well as being cheaper in shipping costs, production and storage, reported many manufacturers. Additionally, implementing new types of recycled glass during the manufacturing process - for example, recycled glass found in television cathode tubes as well as PC monitors, which is considered post- consumer material - was also prevalent while touring the floor.

Additionally, popular trends from previous years, including tiles mimicking other mediums such as wood, stone and wallpaper as well as tile promoting sustainability, were evident again at the 2010 event. Below is just a sampling of some marketplace introductions that were displayed at Cersaie 2009:

A.   Mosaico+ introduced the Vetrina collection, which includes 72 solid colors, 42 combinations and 14 blends, all perfectly compatible with the Pantone® color chart. Using geometric compositions and customized motifs reproducing images on any tile size, these 4-mm-thick glass tesserae unleash all the expressive power of mosaics, lending character, life and a new artsy feel to spaces, the manufacturer reports.


B.   The esthetic and technological evolution by Laminam continues with the brand new Filo collection - three-dimensional iridescent geometries, able to enhance the expressive versatility of the Laminam slab once again.


C.   The Mythos product line from Tau Ceramica is porcelain stoneware, which imitates the purity of classic Pentelic marble, a stone quarried in the mountains near Athens, Greece. Refined, elegant and reserved, it is available in two finishes, polished and natural. Mythos is available in 9.8- x 14.2-, 17.7- x 17.7-, 17.7- x 35.4- and 23.6- x 23.6-inch formats and five chromatic tones.

www.tauceramica.com  | www.spaintiles.info

D.   The new 2009 collection of mosaics wallpaper by Trend is inspired by the typical pattern structure of wallpaper design applied to glass tesserae in traditional 2- x 2-cm size or in a tiny 1.5- x 1.5-cm version. The four different styles Academic, Euphoric, Natural and Classic, each with a specific character defined through the lines and the color palette chosen. Each line is inspired by a precise world of graphics, and each presents 16 different designs, available in two color variations and in black and white - all providing a total of 64 new patterns to cover walls and floors.


E.   Nu_Travertine by Ceramica Fioranese proves to be a truly beautiful stone-look tile, as authentic as if it had just been extracted from the quarry. The aim of the patent was to register the 21 faces of Nu_Travertine, in both one and three dimensions, in order to afford true exclusivity to this design that has been studied and produced using digital pigment technology, the manufacturer reports. Additionally, it is certified as containing over 42.5% recycled material, and Nu_Travertine is compliant with the strictest of compatibility requirements.


F.   The main feature of “Tegolasolare” from AREA is the perfect integration of the solar power system into the architecture of a building’s roof. The manufacturer has used the traditional clay tile, and transformed it into a source of clean energy. Each “Tegolasolare” tile incorporates a portion of the overall solar power system. From the outside, the roof looks exactly the same, ensuring the traditional visual impact of a clay tile roof, but it actually conceals a major technological innovation, that will allow the production of sustainable energy.


G.   Appiani’s Mix ceramic mosaic mixes are produced in single-press firing, a technique which fixes glaze to clay by dry pressing. The Anthologhia, Seta, Metallica and Open Space ranges are mixed according to calibrated percentages, creating an infinity of different mixes grouped by emotional affinity in the 10 Styling collections. With unique, surprising results, they combine light and finish effects in a fascinating kaleidoscope of ideas, which can be mixed and matched and used for both floor and wall tiling.


H.   A.I.R. by Ceramiche Supergres is “Eco-label” certified and the collection qualifies to be awarded high LEED ratings in private and public residential projects, according to the manufacturer. Manufactured using 20% post-consumer recycled material (CRT glass), this product range evolved from the partnership with Remedia, the Italian leader in the recycling of electric and electronic appliances. A.I.R is ideal in public and residential spaces. It is available in colors: ivory, light gray, dark gray, black and sizes: 45 x 90, 60 x 60, 45 x 45 and 30 x 60 cm. All sizes are mono-calibre and rectified with 10 mm thickness and are also available in glossy finish.


I.   Stontech Slim4 from Floor Gres is a new porcelain stoneware tile with a thickness of 4 mm that comes in 60- x 60- and 60- x 120-cm sizes. The porcelain sheets are obtained by pressing, which means it is an extremely durable product that is resistant to all kinds of stresses, does not need reinforcing fibers and eliminates problems related to tensioning of the material and helps keep the tile firmly in place. The product is specifically designed for floors and walls.


J.   The Minera Liqua collection from Tagina is a photograph of an instant contraction and dilatation of time, where the authenticity of real stone is mixed with the strength of metal. Officially presented at Cersaie 2009 in two versions, natural and glossy, Minera Liqua can be used for the elaborated ideas of designers and the most innovative solutions for indoors and outdoors.


K.   In the Plank collection from Caesar, design and style concepts merge with contemporary values of eco-friendliness to express the warmth of natural wood. Plank is available in a 4.8-mm thickness and as an eco-sustainable ceramic slab. The range is comprised of four colors, Frassino, Teak, Ebano and Rovere, which are all mono-calibre, squared and rectified. Three sizes are available with standard thickness: 30 x 120, 20 x 120 and 14.7 x 120 cm. The Aessential series is available in all colors in 20- x 120-cm format. Easy Plank (pictured in the shade of Rovere) is the new 15- x 60-cm, non-rectified size available in all colors.


L.   Plaza developed its new Quartz Slate series with the American designer in mind. With a versatile look inspired by a craggy rock face, Quartz Slate comes in sand and gray tones in a 12- x 12-, 12- x 24- or 18- x 18-inch format. It is suitable for walls and floors, and ideal for both interior and exterior applications, according to the manufacturer.

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M.   Mapei’s new Mapeguard 2 solves a number of installation problems encountered with traditional crack isolation and sound-reduction sheet membranes, the manufacturer reports. Mapeguard 2’s lighter weight makes the membrane easier to work with, and it also installs faster because it is more rigid and has a split-back release liner. Mapei Americas called upon the expertise of recently acquired sister company Polyglass to help develop a 40-mil crack-isolation membrane that has the sound-reduction qualities of a 90-mil sheet. Additionally, the post-industrial recycled material used in the production of Mapeguard 2 helps builders contribute to points required for LEED certification. It also has low VOC content.


N.   Lea Ceramiche released a brand new collection, Solaris - a reinterpretation of the Brera stone that conveys a minimalist luxury to any environment, exalting both classical and contemporary furnishing, the manufacturer reports. Due to the Lea FULL HD technology, this new collection in grés porcelain accurately reproduces stones in all their details, up to their most delicate nuances. It comes in uniquely bright colors as well as warm and neutral shades - allowing for any kind of combination.


O.   New geometric patterns and delicate color shades extend the offering of Marmo D, the first floor tile series produced by Impronta Ceramiche with the exclusive PRO.DIGIT technology. This innovative technique, which combines digital and intaglio matrix printing, allows for glazed porcelain floor tiles to accurately reproduce the patterns and veins of marble on unique surfaces, no two alike.


P.   Mutina has introduced Déchirer Sottile in large-format 4.8-mm-thick slabs up to 120 x 120 cm in two new warm shades, beige and mocha, as well as the same seven shades offered in the company’s Déchirer collection. Technical characteristics make it a high-performance product suitable both for residential areas and public places, reports the manufacturer. A special pressing process makes it possible to create relief decorations of different thicknesses that give texture to the surface, according to Mutina. This material is eco-friendly - it recycles ground powders and stoneware and eliminates wastewater, saving on production costs and reducing environmental impact.


Q.   Ceramiche Coem transforms material to recreate the beauty and power of natural stone, making it affordable, flexible and technological. Quartz, a new collection from the company, is available in silver and gold (pictured) and in natural, unpolished and matte finishes.


R.   With Strobus 5mm - an innovation of Imola Ceramica - the reproduction of wood reaches one of the most natural perfections applied to a light, thin and resistant product with ecological design for an innovative and sustainable choice, according to the manufacturer.


S.   Land Porcelanico offers its take on slim tile with Slimm4. Products are available in the Gallery Collection, which includes 11.7- x 23.45-inch base pieces and mesh-backed mosaics. Gallery offers bright contrasts in lime, orange, red, blue, black and white. Another Slimm4 collection, Azul Cascais, offers more refined hues in ivory, moss and graphite.

www.landporcelanico.com   |   www.spaintiles.info

T.   The new decoration process, completely compatible with traditional methods due to digital printing, is one of the main features of the Pro-gres collection by Refin Ceramiche. The sharpness of the image and the countless possible graphics as well as the opportunity to print onto any kind of textured surfaces are the advantages. The eco-sustainable policy of Refin, which contributes to the achievement of high LEED ratings, is also present in the Pro-gres collection, as for the first time ever, 20% post-consumer recycled CRT glass has been used in a ceramics mix. Sizes include 60 x 60 and 30 x 60 cm, in natural or smooth finishes.