The Art Glass Mosaics collection by Edgewater Studio features made-to-order tiles in 10 art glass colors.

VANCOUVER, CANADA -- Edgewater Studio has added Art Glass Mosaics to its collection of custom tiles. With individual pieces approximately 2 inches high, the collection continues the Studio's tradition of offering continuous, flowing designs, coupled with an array of color choices, allowing clients to create unique installations that range from elegant to bold.

"I am a mosaic artist and was drawn to this art form in large part because I found the sinuous nature of art glass to be so captivating," said Nicala Hicks, Artistic Director. "In developing this collection, we strove to achieve a balance, offering fairly simple design and color combinations that would reveal, rather than overwhelm, the inherent beauty of the glass."

As with all of its collections, each tile is made-to-order. Edgewater Studio offers 10 art glass colors, ranging from the more neutral tones of Veil and Vanilla to the more daring of Toffee and Atlantic. The Studio also provides custom color matching as well as project-specific sizing and edging. And while Edgewater Studio presents its collections with a focus on specific materials such as back-painted glass or art glass, each design in its repertoire can be created using inlaid stone, glass or ceramic as well as combinations of materials. The Studio's design team assists buyers in choosing among the menu of material options to achieve the desired look.