Statement submitted by The Gallegos Corp.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Gerald Gallegos, founder of The Gallegos Corp., great community philanthropist and friend to many in the Vail Valley. Gerald passed away on August 18 of health complications. Right up to the end of his life, Gerald was involved in the day-to-day operations of his company, mentor to his employees and active supporter of numerous charities. Gerald was proud of his company and especially of the employees, who Gerald often said were the backbone and greatest asset of the company.

Gerald and the Gallegos Corp. were a true Cinderella story. Gerald grew up in Minturn, attended Battle Mountain High School and with the help of his brothers Bob, Glen and John and support of his mother Rosabell grew the small one-truck, one cement mixer company into one of the largest masonry companies in the country. This year marked the 40th year the company has been in business, which has survived several recessions. Gerald made his mark from his first fireplace in Vail 40 years ago and continued to show the community how to give back in a very understated way.

Gerald will be greatly missed, but his vision, strength, spirit and belief in his company and the causes he supported will continue to be with us. Over the years, Gerald made many contributions, and was very involved with the youth in Eagle County - supporting The Youth Foundation, Vail Valley Foundation, El Pomar Foundation and Roundup River Ranch, to name a few. There were very few times Gerald would turn down a request for funding children - whether sending someone to a wrestling tournament or donating to Little League. Gerald truly believed in giving back to the community and walked the walk in giving of his time, treasure and talents. He cannot be thanked enough.

Gerald made an indelible mark on the community, and there are very few locals who won’t be able to remember Gerald without a smile on his face, or making a generous donation. As one Gallegos employee said it, “There are important people that know a lot of people in their life. Gerald not only knew thousands of people, he touched thousands of people.”

From Gerald’s family and from the Gallegos family, we thank you for your love, support and dedication to Gerald and our company.

The Gallegos Corp. (TGC) was founded in 1970 by Gerald G. Gallegos as a specialty stone masonry company. Since that time, TGC has expanded trades and now also specializes in distinctive residential and commercial projects, including quality masonry, plaster/stucco, concrete, art rock, marble/granite work and stone sales.

The Gallegos Corp. is headquartered in Vail, CO, and has offices in Denver and Aspen, CO, and Sun Valley, ID.