Braxton-Bragg now offers the Bosch 5-inch Angle Grinder.

Braxton-Bragg is now offering the Bosch 5-inch Angle Grinder. With its Bosch Constant-Response circuitry, it provides a soft-start as well as maintaining constant speed under load and providing overload protection, making it a very user-friendly tool, Braxton-Bragg reports. This grinder utilizes an important Bosch innovation: a reversed airflow pulls air into the rear of the grinder and then expels it forward. This keeps the internal motor cleared of stone debris, which would have been pulled into air intake if it had been in the front with the blade.

It also features the vibration control handle, which reduces vibration up to 60 percent, providing uncompromising comfort for extended periods of work. In addition to the Kickback stop that shuts the tool down should the wheel get into a bind situation, it features a 5/8”-11 spindle for mounting a wide variety of accessories along with a powerful 9 amp motor (2,800 - 11,000 rpm) and its variable speed.

Bosch, which also owns the RotoZip and Dremel line, is well-known worldwide for manufacturing quality tools for the building trade.