ABC Stone recently held a welcome event for renowned sculptor Oriano Galloni at its facilities in Brooklyn, NY.

The art world is welcoming world renowned Italian sculptor Oriano Galloni to New York. Galloni, originally based in Carrara, Italy, the stone capital of the world, has just opened his own studio in New York, with the cooperative efforts of ABC Stone, which held an event for members of the architecture and design community as well as noted stone producers.

Galloni’s art skillfully melds carved stone, wood and metal into “haunting, thought-provoking human forms.” His critically acclaimed, monumental sculptures have an overwhelming physical presence, and his thought provoking combination of materials deliver emotional impact. A gallery of Galloni’s carved marble, wood and metal sculptures can be seen at

“Since prehistoric times, man has been using stone to build and decorate his home,” stated ABC Stone. “In fact, some early stone dwellings still stand. Stone is our most timeless building material. Having parts of your home designed with stone is in one word, ‘magnificent.’ A solid marble bathroom is pure luxury; a throwback to the times of Roman living. Stone in a home that is polished and professionally and artistically installed adds a sense of strength and beauty to a room, unlike any other building material.” 

ABC Stone, with locations in Brooklyn and Westbury, NY, recently launched a Web site at, which affords a good taste of what the company has to offer. Users can browse through the company’s constantly evolving portfolio, and the catalog of images provides general visual characteristics, test reporting and origin. Users can easily search by color, country of origin or by name. 

ABC Stone’s inventory originates from six continents and includes granite, exotic marble and limestone as well as an array of travertine, onyx, slate, quartzite, sandstone and other natural stone products.

The ABC staff has been assembled from various sectors of the stone industry, offering design, technical, installation and fabrication expertise. Access to the world’s stone market and their staff of industry professionals uniquely qualifies ABC Stone as one of the premier stone distributors.

ABC Stone can be reached by calling 1-516-997-9412 or by

Pictured from left are: Ricardo Alvarez, Oirano Galloni, Ken Saretsky and Jon Tibett 

A broad range of stone suppliers, architects and designers attended the event. Pictured from left are: Don McNaughton, Ken Saretsky, Mike Gussman and Terence Kehayas 

Pictured from left are: Anna Kotowski, Ricardo Alvarez, Ken Saretsky, Agnes Szymacha, Matteo Reggiani and Jon Tibett

Pictured from left are: Luca Mannolini, Oriano Galloni and Ken Saretsky