A new supplier of Brazilian soapstone, Mirasol Soapstone, was opened last year in Vineland, UT, with the goal of promoting the material to companies in the U.S. and Canada. Mirasol Soapstone is currently offering slabs, and the company will also be promoting soapstone sinks, mosaics, backsplashes and other items. These materials are available in a honed or leather finish. At the moment, there are three varieties of Brazilian soapstone available: Black Mirasol, Forest and Spider.

The company currently has four distributors, and it is in the process of building a distributor/dealer network in the U.S., which will be authorized to bring in soapstone products direct from Brazil.

The quarry site is located in the Mariana soapstone region, and it is reported to be one of the largest in Brazil, with deep reserves of material.

For more information, call Patrick Domenis, Company President, at 212-991-8894, visit www.mirasolsoapstone.com on the Internet, or visit the company directly at Booth #1898 at Coverings 2010 in Orlando, FL.