The Precioustone Collection from Antolini Luigi & C. was conceived to provide a new level of luxury for interior spaces. Shown here is backlit amethyst.

For 90 years, the Antolini family has been harnessing the color, energy and light of natural stone through innovative applications and production methods. The family’s passion for natural stone has continued with its leadership across the decades, and it has been characterized by a willingness to follow new paths. This has included in-depth research to produce a wide selection of natural stones and product lines not seen elsewhere in the marketplace.

Examples of new methodology applied to process centuries-old stones can be found in product lines such as the Antolini Shellstone and New Age Collections.

Meanwhile, presented in 2000 for the very first time - and renovated ever year with new and unique elements - Antolini’s Precioustone Collection is the best expression of a “culture of innovation” that has been with the Italian company since its foundation. As a 1920-born family company with strong ties to the surrounding territory in Italy, the firm first grew into Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.A. in 1956. Then, with the successful ideas of the family’s third generation - embodied by siblings Alberto, Francesco and Alessandra - the company became one of the world’s main players in the stone field for its original interpretation of new style trends in furniture design since the early 1990s.

Antolini’s products have found a home in a broad range of upscale applications, such as the backlit Smoky Quartz used for the bar area. 

Today, there are more than 1,000 stone materials available from Antolini, including granite, limestone, quartzite, onyx, travertine, Precioustone and Shellstone - all characterized by Antolini’s quality standards and originating from any part of the world. “Customers can therefore receive high-quality ‘made in Italy’ proposals every day,” said Alberto Antolini.

“The product offered by Antolini is the best summary of stone material robustness and versatile lightness of fashion,” he explained. “This concept was rapidly developed throughout the years to make the company a leader for creative expression - with special attention given to the technology required to make products of the highest value.

“Nature has always offered winning and unique products,” Antolini continued. “At Antolini, we process stone as if it were silk.” The goal is to add a touch of lightness and preciousness to a point that the stones create a personal “art collection” for the end user.

Antolini has also made it possible to acquire entire slabs of original precious materials. Stones that were once used solely to generate jewelry - including amethyst, quartz, agate and jasper - have now become refined solutions to adorn consoles, bathroom spaces, tub surrounds, pictures, columns and other elegant, trendy elements that can provide “emotion” to an atmosphere. This collection includes more than 100 different precious stones.

The company cites a goal “to shape nature with fantasy and elegance” as a daily inspiration and a motto to improve its acceptance among the public. Confirming that the right choices have been made, Antolini reports that growth in the early years of precious element sales has been almost 50%.

For this bedroom setting, Red Jasper creates a luxurious, yet comfortable feel.

The Precioustone Collection is unique not only for its colors and elegance, but also for the craftsmanship involved - together with the use of the latest production technology. Antolini’s emphasis on technology has spurred the company to develop a range of exclusive production systems that allow it shape and model stone to meet the ever-growing imagination of architects and designers.

The creation of the Precioustone line, in particular, is made in a new and highly technological production department at Antolini’s Verona, Italy-based site under the supervision of high-skilled personnel. It also includes the cut of rare precious stones into small pieces. These little gems, selected of the best quality with the greatest accuracy, are managed with care, assembled by hand and glued with special resins to form semiprecious slabs of full thickness - solely made of precious minerals to achieve the best aesthetic result. When they are finished, slabs undergo a resin reinforcing “vacuum” process and polishing action to obtain maximum results for coloring and smoothness. The final product is original and unique, and it is perfectly smooth to the touch.

“With Antolini, the past comes back in new forms and suggestions,” stated the company. “With Precioustone lines, actual marks of rare beauty, it is possible to relive the charm of old castles and the enchantment of royal palaces told in the most amazing stories.”

In addition to assembling a massive collection of materials of high-quality and detail, Antolini also places a critical emphasis on customer service, which it attributes to its passion for stone. “It is an unstoppable research for ideas, artistic and style innovation that can best represent the ‘made in Italy’ [brand] to the world,” stated the company.