A new catalog by Kurt/NEMI showcases the latest vacuum work-holding and automated systems, digitizers, software and tool setters 

Kurt/NEMI has announced the publication of an all new catalog containing 36 pages of the latest vacuum work-holding and automated systems, digitizers, software and tool setters. Providing a full range of options, the new catalog contains one of the broadest offerings in the work-holding industry, according to the company.

Included in the Kurt/NEMI vacuum line of work-holding are grid system tables ranging up to 60 x 120 inches as standard sizes and table sizes made to customer specifications. These grid tables form the mounting platform for a flexible work-holding system. They are ideal for use on CNC routers and other machine tools. When integrated with a Kurt robot, these workholding systems provide 3-axis capability in a moving gantry CNC system. They are designed to work well with a variety of single- to multi-spindle setups for high-volume part production, assuring precision and repeatable accuracy, the manufacturer reports.

The new catalog contains hundreds of modular components in many sizes for designing any type of vacuum work-holding system to handle a full range of applications on machine tools of most sizes.

Kurt/NEMI modular vacuum work-holding setups can be easily configured to handle stone, wood and metal designs on the grid system table setup. Utilizing a variety of positioning pods, chucks, locating pins and accessories, these setups have the advantages of a dedicated fixture with flexibility for reconfiguring the components to handle various size parts and for use on other jobs. These Kurt/NEMI work-holding systems provide a rapid cost-payback by reducing labor content and increasing productivity, according to Kurt/NEMI.

Application photos and specifications throughout the catalog show typical work-holding setups, making it easy to select an assembly to do the job. Specific technical information for each product is also available online. To supplement this information, a Kurt/NEMI technical service expert is available by phone to assist in the work-holding configuration and ordering process.