Domain Industries’ Santa Fe Bronze Sink Collection

Domain Industries, Inc., a nationwide supplier of kitchen and bath products, has announced the introduction of its Santa Fe Bronze Sink Collection, accentuating 14 different models with heavy-duty construction and nature-inspired design.

Santa Fe Bronze is a unique approach to bathroom sinks - fusing a rare and rustic feel to traditional design. These sinks are classified as works of art and designed to enhance any living space that requires a distinctive, sculptural quality sink, the manufacturer reports.

Examples include the Rios and Chalice models, both layered with texture and naturally occurring Earth-like qualities. These rugged designs contain small reservoirs and imperfect grooves, flowing water so uniquely, as to create a fusion of both elements.

Hand crafted from Domain’s bronze foundry, each sink boasts superior casting technology that contains top-performing raw materials. Tested for strength, durability and corrosion resistance, the detailed manufacturing process allows for easy care and maintenance, allowing the sinks to look great for years to come, according to Domain. 

Granite City Tool’s SA Ogee Backer Pad 

Granite City Tool has introduced several new products, including the SA Ogee Backer Pad, Rival Pads and Tornado Turbo Blades. According to Granite City Tool, the SA Ogee Backer Pad used with 4-inch diamond pads is a popular way to polish ogee edges. It has a rubber-coated edge for extra flexibility and a four-way water separator to distribute the water flow. The Velcro bottom holds the diamond pad. It is 3.25 inches in diameter and has a 5/8-inch-11 female thread. Rival Pads are the latest generation of diamond technology and will replace the company’s X-CEL, EAGLE and Dura-Plus pads. Tornado Turbo Blades offer supreme performance in fast cutting of hard materials like stone and hard pavers, reports Granite City Tool. Extremely smooth, clean finish to the cut, all sizes can be used wet or dry. These blades are inexpensive yet outperform blades that cost much more, reports the manufacturer.

Granite City Tool’s Rival Pads

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Granite City Tool’s Tornado Turbo Blades