GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- An international open house will be held by CMS / Brembana this July 23, 24 and 25 at the company's Grand Rapids, MI, location to display their new Falcon sawing system. It features a 5-axis head, which allows for sawing bevels and miters, along with an automated material handling unit right on the saw head. The combination of these two functions makes the Falcon fast, accurate and flexible -- second to none in the industry, reports the manufacturer.

The Maxima 5 will also be featured showing many different 3-dimensional pieces being machined. The Concept machine will be running the very latest in high-speed tooling on countertop projects. The Flexa saw will be displayed for those interested in a more manual type saw.

CMS staff, CMS technicians and industry professionals will man the open house. A continuous "Technology Discussion" will be taking place throughout the three days. Attendees are encouraged to question the experts on a wide range of topics including, photographic template and layout technology, custom shop designs and layouts, integration with third party equipment and software, high-speed tooling techniques, advanced programming techniques and so on.

CMS will be demonstrating all levels of Easystone software along with a selection of third party vendors.

A Glass open house will be held concurrently, and attendees will be exposed to a vast array of machinery. Glass fabrication experts will be available for those interested in pursuing glass machining on their existing machines.

Accommodations will be provided for attendees including meals and hotel. Those whishing to sign up may do so,or by contacting Jennifer Hoover at or 800-225-5267 ext. 1515.