Special Application of Industrial Diamond (SAID), S.p.A., which has been manufacturing diamond tools since 1975, will no longer be private labeling its diamond tools for U.S. importers, the company reports. “SAID, S.p.A. has been private labeling its diamond tools for many importers in the U.S.,” said BIS President Lermit Diaz. “For example, SAID has made the Park Pro-Edge cup wheels in position #1 and #2 for Continental Diamond Products, Inc. and their brand name Terminator for over 10 years. SAID is no longer private labeling its Pro-Edge cup wheels for U.S. exclusive importers. We have now decided to let the stone industry know about our ‘Made in Italy’ products, as SAID, Inc.-BIS, with the help of Grani-Tek Stone Tools. SAID, Inc.-BIS has an exclusive distribution agreement with Grani-Tek Stone Tools to bring SAID S.p.A.’s cup wheels, CNC tooling, bridge saw blades and router bits to the American market.”