511 Kleen & Reseal

511 Kleen & Reseal from Miracle Sealants Corp. is a spray and wipe cleaner and re-sealer for all ceramic and porcelain tile as well as polished or unpolished natural stone surfaces. The unique formula of 511 Kleen & Reseal removes dirt and soil then reseals in one easy step. No rinsing is needed, and 511 Kleen & Reseal will not streak or leave a residue behind, reports Miracle Sealants.

Special Features include:

• Contains 511 H20 Plus

• Re-Seals with each use

• Neutral pH is safe for all surfaces

• No scrubbing, no acid

• Safe for counters

• Non abrasive, ready-to-use


Quantra engineered stone

Pokarna Ltd., one of India’s leading stone producers, has launched a new line of high-quality engineered stone, Quantra. The material is being produced using some of the most modern technology and equipment in the world, and it utilizes quartz from its home state of Andhra in India, which is noted for its value and strong physical characteristics.

Mirroring the best practices of Pokarna’s natural granite processing plants near Hyderabad, the brand new manufacturing complex for engineered stone has been established not far from the strategically located port city of Vishakapatnam, often referred to as Vizag.

The plant is equipped with machinery from Breton S.p.A. of Italy, recognized worldwide as a leader in engineered stone technology. “It is the very latest and perhaps the single largest installation of the globally patented Bretonstone System,” stated Pokarna.

The factory sits on 40 acres of richly forested land, and Pokarna reports that it is designed to not only optimize material and production workflow, but to also remain in tune with the environment. The company recycles and recovers 100% of the water used during the process through Italian-designed settling and filtering techniques.

Inside the complex, the entire production line is fully automated. The equipment and instrumentation are equipped with PLC systems, and the latest upgraded version of Bretonstone® “distributor” ensures uniform thickness throughout the slab. The plant also manufactures “veined looking,” “granite looking” and “fiorito” engineered stone.

Pokarna’s own R&D Center, which is equipped with the latest machines and equipment, carries out analyses and tests. The lab has highly skilled technicians from internationally renowned technological institutes, who develop and monitor each new design.

Pokarna manufactures Quantra in slabs in thicknesses ranging from 8 to 30 mm. The product can be made into products such as kitchen and bar tops, steps, windowsills, baseboards, vanity tops, customized cladding and more.

Quantra engineered stone is acid-proof as well as stain- and scratch-resistant. Additionally, it has anti-slip properties and exceptional durability, Pokarna reports. It can be augmented with elements such as glass, mirrors, brass, mother-of-pearl and other accents. It is also available in a broad range of surface finishes, such as polished, honed, sandblasted, antique, brushed, velvet, “egg” and leather, to name a few.


Designer copper vessel sinks

Artisan Manufacturing has introduced designer copper vessel sinks that join a long tradition of copper craftsmanship sink design that dates back several centuries. Artisans have been working with copper for generations, resulting in sinks that are not only very functional but can make a statement of elegance in every bathroom. Available in nine designer styles that will continually enrich the beauty of a bathroom, these sinks acquire a patina that is second to none, the manufacturer reports.

Artisan Manufacturing is dedicated to offering premium quality, handcrafted, designer copper vessels and kitchen apron sinks. According to Artisan, with pride and craftsmanship, this new Artisan Collection is a testament to their commitment to deliver quality products year after year.


European Tile Collection

The Charles Luck Stone Center has revealed its European Tile Collection. The interior products in the Collection originated in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany, and encompass rich histories, inventive design and elements of one of this year’s four notable interior trends - “the quest for authenticity.” This trend nods to originality and heritage mixed with innovation and traceability.