WARDJet, Inc., a leading man-ufacturer of waterjet cutting machines, is now offering over 20 models for customers to choose from. WARDJet produces systems with multiple 5-axis abrasive or water-only cutting heads. WARDJet also specializes in custom machine applications with a huge selection of options that can be mounted on the units, such as height sensors, crash sensors, laser alignment, drill and tapping units, so users can cut a hole and tap it all in one program.

WARDJet, Inc. has found that customers are most interested in the almost unlimited capability of the double-screen controller with built-in camera. The controller monitors consumable use, service and maintenance, and it is pro-active in notifying customers - offering full remote control from another location (possibly a cell phone) and can E-mail the status of the work performed and outstanding to management.