Mark Fernandes, President of Charles Luck Stone Center

RICHMOND, VA - From April 21 to 22, 2008, the Charles Luck Stone Center (Charles Luck), a division of Luck Stone Corp., introduced ELEMENTS 2008, a night filled with beautiful stone and couture inspired by elements of stone, fashion and design, followed by three days of educational seminars/workshops. The workshops, taught by Charles Luck leaders, focused on interior surfaces and countertops, exterior walls and fireplaces, and terraces and pathways.

“ELEMENTS 2008 is designed to provide our customers, partners and industry as a whole with a new way of looking at stone, a way that’s never been done before in our industry,” said Mark Fernandes, President of Charles Luck Stone Center. “Our goal [was] to make the week-long events in Richmond and Sterling memorable, to inspire our guests and to unveil distinctive lines of stone with style through the fusion of fashion, stone and design.”

ELEMENTS 2008, which additionally sought to blend the unearthing of new products from all points of the globe, included fashion designs modeled by Saks Fifth Avenue models.

“We are so thrilled about our unique involvement with the Charles Luck Stone Center on ELEMENTS,” said Jeff Gehrlich, General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue in Richmond. “Saks Fifth Avenue is always seeking partnerships with companies who appreciate fashion and precious design, and our partners at the Charles Luck Stone Center exude their passion for distinctive products and things of enduring value.”

ELEMENTS 2008 educational workshops featured more than 30 distinctive stone products, which have been sourced from all around the world. Two sessions were offered each day focusing on product history, specification, installation and new application, and the incorporation of products into design.