Stony Creek Quarry Corp. foreman Richard Atkinson with Bruno Bagnara of Nikolaus Bagnara Ltd. of Italy and a 25-ton block of Stony Creek Classic granite

STONY CREEK, CT - Recently, four 25-ton premium Stony Creek Classic granite blocks, quarried at the local Stony Creek Quarry, sailed aboard the vessel Ital Oceana from the port of Norfolk, VA, to the port of Livorno, Italy. With this new venture, Stony Creek Quarry Corp. ( enters into partnership with Nikolaus Bagnara Ltd. (, a world leading block importer and stone fabricator. The importing of Stony Creek Classic granite is the latest venture for Nikolaus Bagnara Ltd., which was originally founded in Bolzano, Italy, in 1948, and now ranks as one of the leading suppliers and processors of natural stone blocks, slabs and finished products in the world. In recent years, Bagnara has become more specialized in the import and sale of “Classic” granite from America such as - Bethel White, American Black and now its local historic Stony Creek Classic granite. For the first time in more than 20 years, Stony Creek granite returns to Italy and the international market with the help of a closely knit international stone world family.

The Stony Creek Quarry Corp.’s relationship with Nikolaus Bagnara Ltd. was procured by Darrell Petit - who has attended Marmomacc, the International Exhibition of Marble, Stone and Technology in Verona, Italy, for the last five years, helping to build new stone world connections for the quarry.

“Bagnara was introduced to me by granite industry leaders Lundhs Labrador of Norway (,” said Petit. “We are now working with the ‘Italian standard’ in the good hands of Bruno Bagnara and his elite operation.”

The shipment of Stony Creek Classic granite to Bagnara marks a very important step into the dimensional stone world for Stony Creek Quarry Corp. owner, Doug Anderson.

“This achievement, and gaining the confidence and trust in a company like Nikolaus Bagnara Ltd. with such a major presence in the international stone market is an extremely important event for Stony Creek Quarry,” Anderson said. “This has been a fundamental part of our effort to create long-term relationships with well-established partners to revive the stone and integrate it back into the international marketplace. With its unparalleled history and unique characteristics, we want to give the market the ability to specify and use Stony Creek granite with confidence that it is first and foremost of higher quality than has been seen in many years, and is readily available to be specified and integrated into the many venues and applications that it has been used for throughout its existence. We look forward to a successful relationship with Bruno and his two sons now, and in the future.”