Granite City Tool has made announcements on several new products, including the ICS 633GC chainsaw, the AC-DC Seam Master, Snail-Lock Evolutions and Vincent Tyrolit portable router bits.

ICS 633GC chainsaw

• The ICS 633GC chainsaw is a new diamond chainsaw available with a 14- or 16-inch cutting bar, and it is well suited for cutting irregular shapes in stone or concrete, reports Granite City Tool.

ICS 633GC Improved Features:

• Special crankshaft sealing and air filtration

• Special water resistant electronic ignition

• New leaf spring starter pawl design

• New slurry channel feature eliminates starter clogging

• Better vibration isolation

• More durable crankcase

AC-DC Seam Master

• The AC-DC Seam Master is a vacuum pump clamp built for quick set up.

AC-DC Seam Master Features:

• Adjustable seam and backsplash leveling/holding tool toolbox

• Two Edgemarc seam levelers

• 110v adapter and 9v battery included

• Add up to two more bars for cooktop splashes, islands, fireplace surrounds and more

• 6-inch suction cups

The advantage of the Edgemarc leveler is the ability for the granite installer to fine tune level a seam using the adjustment knobs. The seam leveler allows for full access to pull seams together, allowing the installer to smooth glue before it hardens. With the level spacers set apart, overflow glue will not be a problem.

Snail-Lock Evolutions

• Snail-Lock Evolutions are cushion diamond discs for C-Frame automatic polishing machines. One style is offered for both flat and bullnose edges. The product is available in 4-, 5- and 6-inch sizes.

Tyrolit Vincent portable router bits

• Granite City Tool has also announced that Tyrolit Vincent portable router bits are now stocked from Position 1 to Position 6 final polish. The company reports that the bits are generally suited for all of the standard portable routers in the marketplace today. Note: Some machines may require adapters.

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