Republic of Malta -- The Diamant Boart World Sales conference was held March 15 to 18. One hundred and sixty sales and support staff from 20 countries were in attendance at nine workshops that presented, amongst other things, innovations concerning the companies’ products and services. The convention was conducted with the usual hospitality of the Diamant Boart personnel.
During the inauguration ceremony, Anders Ströby, president of Husqvarna Construction Products, underlined the global strength of the Diamant Boart brand and the technology developed serving the stones industry. Pierre Andary, vice president, in charge of Diamant Boart, emphasised the fact that the company, who celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, is always at the forefront of progress, notably in new applications of multi-wire technology. He also announced that the Research and Development department would be strengthened, starting in May. This will enable Diamant Boart to improve its services to its clients.
Afterwards, the participants attended, in groups of about 15 people, workshops animated by multi-cultural teams, representing the expertise that the company has developed on the different world markets. The American team represented by JC Collins, Richard Haith and Dan Johnson animated a very successful workshop on the use of diamond tools in the fabrication market.
The clement weather conditions prevailing in Malta enabled an evening treasure-hunt to be organized at La Valette and also a Jeep rally. Later that evening “The City of the Knights” hosted a banquet worthy of “The Grand Masters,” in what was the first European hospital constructed in the 14th century.
“This was a very good convention and enabled the participants from different countries to build excellent contacts and also bring, to all markets, solutions developed at a local level,” stated Andary. “This characterizes a global company and has been our strength for 70 years.”