Wayne Engineering has announced the CargoMaster, a multi-directional crane system installed inside trailer or van bodies, enabling a wide variety of materials to be moved easily and safely. The small bridge crane operates on rails attached to the walls with a strength that can carry up to 8,000 pounds and accommodate material up to 22 feet in length. This system has allowed some stone fabricators, such as Down East Fabricators of Mechanicsburg, PA, to make loading and delivering of materials safer and much more efficient. It has the ability of speeding up delivery times and can do so with a single unassisted operator, reports the company.
The built-in crane system reduces operator injury and extra manpower needs. Operated with a toggle-switch device via extension cable or by remote control, the operator can lift cargo in a variety of movements while standing clear of the load. The CargoMaster’s flexibility moves materials from front to back, back to front, side to side, over other cargo and up and down within the vehicle. It places the material outside of the trailer or van body, and unloads at almost any level. The crane’s powerful hydraulic system is powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt battery.
CargoMaster provides the versatility of on-site deliveries to retail or residential locations, construction sites, field applications and any site with or without a loading dock, thus eliminating the need and wait for docks and forklifts, according to Wayne Engineering. Accessories such as pallet forks for stacked items, spreader bars for wide loads and swivel hooks are available for maneuvering different types of loads. The CargoMaster’s durable construction has low maintenance and often outlives the life of the vehicle that houses it. There are many units in the field performing after over 15 years of use.