LE SUEUR, MN - Cambria recently announced that it is expanding its capacity and will remain the exclusive processor of natural quartz surfaces in the U.S.

Through an expanded partnership with Breton S.p.A., the Italian company that developed quartz processing technology, Cambria will secure its exclusive right to use Breton’s technology in the U.S. through 2012. Cambria has used Breton technology since 2001, when the company first began processing quartz in Le Sueur, MN. All other quartz surface companies process their product abroad.

“This is a major move for both companies, and we are pleased to have further established the U.S. exclusivity of this unique and world-leading technology with Breton,” said Martin Davis, Cambria’s Chief Executive Officer and President.

The expanded partnership will allow Cambria to continue its aggressive growth strategy, meet growing consumer and commercial demand and expand its fabrication, installation and retail network. Since 2001, demand for natural quartz surfacing has rapidly increased.

To accommodate Breton’s newest and proprietary quartz processing technology, Cambria doubled the size of its facility in Le Sueur to 300,000 square feet. The expansion, combined with newer technology, will increase Cambria’s processing capacity, accelerate its industry-leading color innovation and provide for advancements in quartz slabs and quality processes, reports the company, adding that it will invest more than $45 million in the expanded facility and new equipment.