HOOD RIVER, OR - Stonework Symposium 2006 will take place in Hood River, OR, from September 8 to October 1. It is the sixth annual gathering of the Stone Foundation, an international society of stonemasons, stonemasonry contractors, stone suppliers, architects, landscape architects and designers, artists and others involved with stone, stonework and stone art. These events are characterized by informative presentations, active demonstrations, inspiring discourse, camaraderie and conviviality.

Stonework Symposium 2006 is open to the general public, and topics will include: Stone masonry - historical, practical and aesthetical; landscaping with stone - design and installation; dry stone walling; restoration masonry; sculptural stonework; and architectural stonework.

Presenters and demonstrators include stonemasons and stonemasonry contractors, architects and landscape architects authors and artists from England, Scotland, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Canada and the U.S.

The Stone Foundation, which was founded only six years ago, has over 500 members in 35 states and 11 countries. Its mission is to preserve and perpetuate the time-honored art and craft of stonework and to encourage and inform the resurgence of interest in it through publications, workshops, seminars, symposia, etc. The Stone Foundation researches and communicates the history, traditions and the culture of stonework, fosters an international community of stonemasons and is a resource by means of which information and experience are shared.STONEXUSMagazine, a highly regarded compendium of stone lore, is the organization's periodical publication.