CaesarStone, a leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces, has announced that its plant in Israel is now ISO 14001:2004-certified with UKSA Environmental Management. Using ISO 14001:2004 standards as a foundation for its solid ecological management systems, CaesarStone is continuing to improve its manufacturing process to be safer for the environment.

“CaesarStone understands how manufacturing processes can potentially harm the environment,” said Arik Tendler, president of CaesarStone. “Becoming ISO-certified is an important step towards taking the proper actions to demonstrate our commitment to a better quality environment.”

As a part of its recent certification, CaesarStone will complete continual internal and external testing and monitoring to maintain compliance with ISO 14001:2004 standards. In addition, CaesarStone has put its own environmental policy into place, and is doing the following:
  • Recycling waste materials and using recycled raw materials
  • Storing all waste materials in a safe and secure place to prevent waste from leaking into the environment
  • Vacuuming industrial dust during the manufacturing process to prevent it from entering and polluting the air
  • Adopting manufacturing processes that ensure entirely inert products
  • Guaranteeing product is non-porous to prevent surface mold and bacteria from forming
  • Maintaining VOC (volatile organic compounds) standards to minimize the spread of toxins in the environment
  • Installing regenerative thermal oxide to improve the air quality in the plant and environment
  • Using filtered and recycled systems to save 97% of water used in production
  • Complying with international NSF 51 standards to ensure manufacture of non-toxic products