The Vitória Stone Fair, which took place in Vitória, Brazil, from February 14 to 17, drew 31,202 visitors from around the world, who viewed the latest stone materials introduced to the marketplace.

The Vitória Stone Fair, which took place in Vitória, Brazil, from February 14 to 17, had its strongest edition yet, exceeding the expectations of its organizers. A record 31,202 visitors attended the event, including more than 2,000 foreign visitors from 58 different nations.

Attendees included over 2,000 foreign visitors from 58 different nations.

The event is actually the 21st of its kind organized by Milanez & Milaneze, but only the fourth taking place in Vitória, the capital city of Espirito Santo, which is a major stoneworking center exporting material around the world. Since moving to Vitória, the fair has become one of the major international stone events worldwide, and attendees also had the opportunity to visit the many stone-producing companies in Espirito Santo, including plants with some of the most advanced equipment in the world.

Each year, exhibitors at the Vitória Stone Fair use the event as a platform to introduce the very latest materials to the market, including traditional shades of green and gold as well as exotic varieties. Organizers estimate that over 300 different stone varieties were on display at the 2006 Vitória Stone Fair.

Exhibitors at the event showcased some of the latest materials from Brazil, including many firms with European roots.

The large number of foreign visitors was one of the highlights of the event, according to Milanez & Milaneze. The largest influx was from the U.S. (989 visitors), followed by the Italians (228) and the Spaniards (114). “This strong, foreign presence attests to the fame that the fair [has generated] on the world scene,” explained Cecília Milanez of Milanez & Milaneze, who pointed out that that the event attracted 700 more foreigners than last year. Among the Brazilians, visitors from several states in the nation came to the fair to do business.

This year the exhibition area was greatly increased, an international sector was added and the pavilions were air conditioned. According to the exhibitors, the cooling of the show floor improved sales significantly, surpassing sales of last year by a wide margin.

For the second straight year, GranTops, a fabricator based in Frederick, MD, hosted a tour of American architects at the Vitória Stone Fair.


The lectures were another highlight at the Vitória Stone Fair. A total of 450 people attended the various sessions, including businessmen, politicians and students. “The participation was strong all the time,” according to a statement from Cetemag, a technical organization for the Brazilian stone industry. “The success is due principally to the format of the lectures, limited to 50 minutes each, and to the subject matters debated.” Among the sessions, Marble Institute of America Executive Vice President Gary Distelhorst spoke before the audience. His session, entitled “The United States Stone Market: Growth Opportunities for Brazilian Suppliers,” detailed the size of the U.S. market for stone, and the tendencies of American importers. It also discussed global issues affecting the industry, including branding initiatives and “faux” stone. The presentation concluded with an overview of the Marble Institute of America and its activities.

The next edition of the Vitória Stone Fair, which has a promotional agreement with StonExpo, will take place from February 6 to 9, 2007. For further information on the event, contact Milanez & Milaneze by e-mail at, or on the Internet at

Vitória Stone Fair exhibitors offer a grand display of materials

Brazil has become one of the leading exporters of stone to the U.S. - with exports to the U.S. valued at $409.9 million in 2005 - and the stone suppliers present at the Vitória Stone Fair had a broad range of new materials on display. The following is a look at some of the products on display at the event.


Iron Red


Amber Gold


Da Paz:

Juparana Cascadura


Golden Dream



Forest Blue


Green Quartzite


Grein Brasil:

Crema Bordeaux

Grein Brasil:

Flamengo Red


Granito Zucchi:

Golden Persia

Ideal Stones:

Juparana Marfira



Pacific Gold

Mag Ban:

Meteorus Brushed



Fantastic Marbrasa


Volcano Marbrasa


Marmi Bruno Zanet:

Summer Light




Marmoleria Gallos S.A.:

Piano travertine/onyx


Vatican Pink



Parana Salmon


Juparana Sunrise



White Tiger