Coverings 2006 took place in Orlando, FL, from April 4 to 7, with 33,649 registrants and nearly 1,200 exhibitors.

Once again, Coverings - the international trade fair and expo dedicated exclusively to showcasing tile and natural stone - made its name in the international marketplace. Overall total registered attendance surpassed previous years, with 33,649 registrants for the four-day event. The number, according to Tamara Christian, show director and president of National Trade Productions, was 4.4% ahead of last year and contributes to a three-year growth in attendance of 24.4%.

Exhibitors of natural stone at the event organized in several national pavilions, including a gathering of Italian companies.

The exhibition featured tile and stone products on display from nearly 1,200 exhibitors from 56 countries around the world. Products included innovations in stone in a variety of formats, including tiles, slabs, mosaics and architectural work. In particular, there appeared to be more unique and exotic stones in slab format than ever before, offering more options for the continuously growing countertop market. Specialty high-end items, such as backlit onyx, custom mosaics and intricate tile patterns, were also highlighted at Coverings 2006.

In addition to a pavilion of Brazilian exhibitors, Coverings featured a collection of stone-producing companies from the Espírito Santo state of Brazil.

Of course, Coverings is also a platform for suppliers of stoneworking machinery and supplies. Manufacturers of equipment from around the world were showcasing the latest in machinery at the event, and visitors could see live, hands-on demonstrations throughout the show floor. Many suppliers of fabricating equipment and tooling use Coverings as a forum to introduce their latest product offerings.

And in the installation and maintenance sector, there were many companies at Coverings 2006 showcasing products such as adhesives, grout, cleaners, sealers and more. These products are specific to natural stone, and hands-on demonstrations showed their effectiveness to attendees.

On the show floor, live tile and stone installation demonstrations were conducted daily by the Tile Council of North America and the National Tile Contractors Association.

Among the 33,649 people registered to attend, figures climbed significantly among five key constituencies:
  • Tile and stone distributors increased more than 28%
  • Remodeling contractors increased nearly 22%
  • Commercial builders increased 10.4%
  • Stone fabricators increased 21.3%
  • Specifier attendance was up, with architects rising 20.5% and interior designers up 9.2%
  • Dealers and retailers increased 6.6%

Many suppliers of fabricating equipment and tooling use Coverings as a forum to introduce their latest product offerings.

“This steady growth signals increasing consumption of tile and stone products,” said Christian. “There is great cause for optimism in the industry right now.”

In releasing the final count on this year's show, Christian noted: “Industry professionals have made Coverings the 'must attend' show, and it's now substantiated by hard cold facts. Up and down the aisles, business was being transacted daily, and there was a palpable mood of excitement that the industry itself is thriving.

“This puts us at a very exciting crossroad,” Christian continued. “We're stronger than ever as we approach the 20th anniversary of Coverings and as the show makes its move to Chicago and McCormick Place for 2007. We're opening the door on new opportunities and broadening the reach of Coverings even further westward. It promises to be historic.”

Among the 70 educational sessions at Coverings 2006 was a Fabricator Forum, which was organized by the Marble Institute of America and attended by stone fabricators from around the country. Panelists included Scott Lardner of Rocky Mountain Stone, Rich Booms and Booms Stone Co. and Jose Rodriguez of Total Design on Marble & Granite. The session was moderated by Stone World Editor Michael Reis.

A detailed conference program

Once again, a full slate of seminars - including many that were specific to the stone industry - were part of Coverings 2006, organized by the Marble Institute of America. All told, more than 70 seminar programs were offered, many providing CEU credits for professionals with subjects of interest to every category of attendee. Reflecting the internationality of the show, simultaneous translations from English to Italian or Spanish were offered in several of the programs. On the show floor, live tile and stone installation demonstrations were conducted daily by the Tile Council of North America and the National Tile Contractors Association.

The keynote address by retail anthropologist Paco Underhill helped set the tone for the show. Underhill provided insight into how tile and stone dealers can improve the way they showcase and sell their products, discussing the importance of thoroughly understanding your consumer, the role of body language, eye contact, knowing your competition, the psychology of spatial layout and merchandising and the critical role that commitment and consistency play in closing a sale.

The Marble Institute of America once again held a lively party for its members, and drawings were held for a number of valuable prizes. Sponsors of the event included Park Industries, Rugo Stone, Schechner Lifson, Coverings and Stone World.

Bearing in mind that sometimes the best business deals and networking can be more effectively conducted in a social setting, Coverings also orchestrated three Appreciation Night events, each at different night spots at Downtown Disney® Pleasure Island. Dealer/Distributor/Retailer guests were honored at a party at Motion video nightclub; Architects/Designers/Builders were feted at Mannequins Dance Palace; and Installers/Contractors/Fabricators were toasted at the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club, drawing a crowd of more than 1,000.

In 2007, Coverings is set for April 17 to 20, and it will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a change of venue, taking place in Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center. For more information on attending or exhibiting at Coverings, please visit or contact NTP, Coverings Show Management, at 703-683-8500

The Italian Trade Commission included an innovative display of stone products from the “Pietra Autentica” line at Coverings 2006.

Sidebar: Italian Trade Commission debuts stone showcase at Coverings

The Italian Trade Commission's exhibit at Coverings 2006 included an innovative display of stone products available from Italy in tile format. A broad range of stone materials were showcased in a sleek, modern setting. In addition to focusing on stones that are part of the “Pietra Autentica” line of materials, the exhibit also highlighted a wide variety of stone finishes, including innovative textures such as the “corduroy” finish.

A broad range of stone materials were showcased in a sleek, modern setting.

The exhibit of “Pietra Autentica” stones - which intends to generically promote Italian stone materials - continued at the American Institute of Architects Expo in Los Angeles, CA, which was held earlier this month, and it featured an expert on hand to field inquiries from architects and other interested parties.

In addition to focusing on the materials themselves, the exhibit also highlighted a wide variety of stone finishes, including innovative textures such as the “corduroy” finish.

Touring the exhibit halls of Coverings 2006

The following is a sampling of the products on display at Coverings 2006 in Orlando, FL. For more information, circle the indicated number on the Reader Service Card enclosed in this issue.


Ancor- displayed over 100 different materials, primarily granites, including those from Brazil; materials available in a full range of sizes from 6 x 12 to 24 x 24 inches with thickness from 3/8 to 1 ¼ inches in a full range of finishes
Circle No. 321

Antico Stone- displayed Jerusalem Gold tumbled marble in 24- x 24-inch tiles; Arbel Stone, a tumbled marble; Ciottoli Collection - a collection of marble mosaics, moldings, decos and inserts
Circle No. 320

Antolini Luigi- displayed a variety of exotic stones from around the world, including exclusives from its semi-precious stone collection such as Petrified Wood - multi-colored minerals cast in petrified wood - and Labrodite - a luxurious blending of multi-colored reflections of blue, purple, gold and gray - both quarried in Madagascar
Circle No. 319

B.M.S. Simonelli/Venezian- introduced a new color to the line of Venezian textured granite slabs, Doge, which is named for Doge's Palace in Venice's famed San Marco and has a light tan color with tight patterning
Circle No. 318

Bermarmol S.A.- highlighted a range of exotic marbles, including Caprice of Nature, which is red/orange with creamy veining
Circle No. 317

Campolonghi Group- Iron Red from Brazil, a brand new exotic material with waves of deep red and gray
Circle No. 316

Cold Spring Granite- introduced its new Kasota Valley limestoneâ„¢, a rich golden cream-colored stone quarried in Minnesota's premier dolomite limestone region
Circle No. 315

Cosa Marble- introduced its new line of onyx mosaics
Circle No. 314

Cremar- featured Golden Fantasy granite, which is gold with brown and tan flecks; Blue Sky marble, which is pale blue with white spots; Niteroy granite which is orange/ gold with black flecks; White Persa granite, which is yellow with brown veining
Circle No. 313

Dapaz- Café Imperial (Imperial Coffee) granite from Brazil, which has alternating tones of dark and light brown; and Juparana Cascadura, which has a light gold color with white and black accents and dramatic, distinctive patterning
Circle No. 312

Dimpomar- a selection of stones from Portugal, including Rosa Aurora Cream, featuring soft waves of varying shades of beige with a hint of peach undertones
Circle No. 311

Gothicstone- displayed “The Gothicstone Paver,” a natural stone paver made of travertine, marble, limestone or lava stone and quarried, cut and antiqued in the Turkish mountainside; over 25 choices to select from, and matching interior tile and architectural accents also available
Circle No. 310

Gramil- a new quartzite from Brazil, featuring a light blue tone with tan streaks
Circle No. 309

Granitex- the African Range of natural stones, which includes materials such as African Ivory, which has a medium gold tone and compact gray and black graining; Sagebrush, which is light gold in color with brown waves and flecks of white and black; and Niagra Gold, which has shades of rush and gold with varying-sized black accents
Circle No. 308

Grein- a new blue and pink variety of quartzite from Brazil; Golden Stephany granite from Brazil, which has a wild combination of dark brown and gold
Circle No. 307

Ideal Stones- Juparana Marfia granite, which is dark gold with rust-colored accents
Circle No. 306

Jacigua- Almond Jacigua granite, which comes from the company's own quarries and has alternating tones of light and dark tan with distinctive patterning
Circle No. 305

Jerusalem Marble- a full line of Jerusalem Stone products from Israel, including tiles in a variety of patterns and finishes
Circle No. 304

LaPonte Marmi- displayed exotic materials and semi-precious stones, including Mother of Pearl, Onyx and Agate
Circle No. 303

Levantina- Kalahari from Brazil, which has a rich red shade with white veining
Circle No. 302

MAP- mosaics and borders in slate from Brazil, including traditional colors of black, gray and green as well as brighter colors such as tan, cream and multicolor
Circle No. 301

Marble Institute of America- highlighted a new study conducted by the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management in Minneapolis, MN, which showed that granite, marble and engineered quartz surfaces are all easily cleaned to meet FDA surface sanitizer criteria of 5-log reduction pathogens on the surface; the study shows conclusively that natural stone and engineered stone essentially have the same level of cleanability
Circle No. 300

Marbrasa- Fantastic Marbrasa granite, which has a dark golden tone with waves of dark tan and white crystals
Circle No. 299

Marmocil- Gold Fields, which has a rich, bluish color
Circle No. 289

Marmoleria Gallos- Crema Andino, which has a creamy beige tone with accents
Circle No. 288

Michelangelo- Parana Salmon, which has a pink tone with waves of light gray
Circle No. 287

Mirart- showcased a collection of Stone Switch Plates, which can be custom-made using customers' own material; included Stoniqueâ„¢ plates - made using the company's unique method of crushed stone and resin to simulate the look and feel of travertine and tumbled stone
Circle No. 286

Mosaico Italiano- introduced a collection of Glass & Stone Fusion mosaics, which combines the precision of the company's machine-cut mosaics and the brilliance of glass; the line offers limitless options of mixing, blending and geometric compositions with over 40 stone products and 10 glass colors to choose from; also displayed its Subway Collection of marble “subway” tiles, which are available in over 30 materials and in both polished and tumbled finishes
Circle No. 285

MS International- landscape stone in distinctive patterns in travertine, sandstone and other materials
Circle No. 284

Pemagran- Crema Bordeaux, a soft red material from the company's own quarry in Brazil; Iberê Golden, which comes from the same quarry but also features some gold accents
Circle No. 283

Pokarna Granites Ltd.- introduced Valley White, which features maroon and gray veins; also showcased Apollo Storm, which has gold and tan swirls
Circle No. 282

Polycor Inc.- promoted its antiqued finish, which is available on all materials; also showcased Valley Gold Vein marble, a white stone with gold veining from the company's quarry in Marble, CO
Circle No. 281

Silver Stream Inc.- introduced Rosso Sacramento marble (serpentine), which is a green and dark red material that is consistent throughout
Circle No. 280

Tab India- showcased a new line of unique granite exclusives from India, which are available in tiles, slabs and cut-to-size finishes and ideal for both residential and commercial applications
Circle No. 279

Tekmar- Rapsody marble from Turkey, which has a warm off-white tone with waves of white and light cream
Circle No. 278

Tem-mer- a variety of Turkish marbles in light shades such as white, gray and pink, to darker shades of brown and tan
Circle No. 277

Tracomal- Nathalia Gold granite from Brazil, which has waves of light and dark gold with black and white accents
Circle No. 276

Tureks- the Bali line of products, which are 16- x 16-inch mosaic sheets in five different patterns; the Aspen line of three limestones in shades described as calm/light, dark/brown and rich/gold; the Metropolitan line, available in shades such as Latte and Silver Shadow
Circle No. 275

World Wide Stone Corp.- offered Durango Stoneâ„¢ products from a new face of its travertine quarry in Mexico; also displayed new mosaic and trim lines as well as its new split-face ledger stone
Circle No. 274


AGM- the Intermac Master 33 and Master 43 (Plus) CNC stoneworking centers, featuring rotating tool change and a PC-based laser system; the units feature CAD modeling systems to simulate static and dynamic torque during machining operation
Circle No. 273

Alpha Professional Tools- the Profiler F Series of tooling for producing ogee edges, which is a two-step process wherein Position 0 breaks the corner quickly, following by Position 1 to complete the profile; the Ecocutter dry tile cutting system for tile installers, which is engineered to be virtually dust free
Circle No. 272

Amerisink- introduced the Legend line of sinks; also, the Oradius sink line featuring all square sinks; a range of oval stainless steel undermount sinks; and the Economy line, which features a lower price point
Circle No. 271

Beckhart- highlighted its line of wastewater treatment/recycling automated systems, which are regulated by PLC controllers that are assembled and programmed in-house
Circle No. 270

Blick Industries- vacuum suction cups and pods for CNC and manual stoneworking machines; a backsplash clamp system that allows pieces to be worked on CNC stoneworking centers; the Proliner digital templator
Circle No. 269

Braxton-Bragg Corp.- exhibited the new TFMPLC bridge saw; heavily promoted its CNC tooling and Terminator line of fabrication accessories
Circle No. 268

Breton- the Goldenedge CTX edging machine, a single-spindle, numerically controlled machine to cut straight, flat or profiled edges and to perform the upper and lower chamfers on stone workpieces
Circle No. 267

Calypso Waterjet- demonstrated its Hammerhead waterjet, which is available in two sizes: 10 x 5 and 12 x 6 feet; the design developed by the company to provide sturdy framework for cutting virtually any material
Circle No. 266

Cemar Electro Inc.- displayed the CL 830-B bridge saw laser from the company's Cemarligne, featuring Powershiftâ„¢ technology, which the company describes as a technique to deliver a more uniform line from angle-mounted lasers
Circle No. 265

CMS North America/Brembana- the FLP (Fine Line Polish) attachment for CNC equipment, which allows it to work as a single-head machine for curves and consists of four tools in a revolver for automatic tooling changing; one head is a diamond grinder, which eliminates the need for forming tools
Circle No. 264

Diamant Boart- Fury Turbo Max resin pads for stone polishing in the shop
Circle No. 263

Diamond Productions Canada- displayed a range of polishing discs and accessories, including holders and backplates; customized tools; router bits
Circle No. 262

Edgemarc Tools- highlighted the Swarm 2500HT bridge saw, which features a touchscreen, spinning table, hydraulic tilt and a spinning head to make it easy-to-use and efficient
Circle No. 261

F. Barkow- displayed its range of stone handling equipment, including transport racks, bundle racks and heavy duty shop carts
Circle No. 260

Faro- the Digital Template FaroArm, an articulating measuring arm/portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that is used for electronic templating; an operator touches the stylus to the desired location and clicks a button on the handle, and critical areas such as corners and radii on a countertop can be represented with greater data density to ensure accuracy
Circle No. 259

Flow- the Stone Crafter waterjet, which features a hyperpressure 87,000 psi pump that cuts faster, lowers costs and puts out a higher production, according to the company
Circle No. 258

Fraccaroli & Balzan/Salem Stone- the FB/2000V-WD-C, a relatively compact wastewater treatment and mud dehydration plant, including a filter press, which makes it possible to fully re-use the water from large-scale fabrication plants
Circle No. 257

GMM/Salem Stone- the Rotex 39 bridge saw with a rotating head for fast kitchen countertop manufacturing; the unit includes a digital camera to photograph the slabs, and a “drag-and-drop” program is used to electronically merge the template with the actual slabs, so fabricators can assess the work before cutting
Circle No. 256

Granite City Tool- Blue Diamond core bits ranging from 7/-8 to 1 inch; the Sinkloc sink installation tool, which measures 24 inches for single sinks and 48 inches for double sinks
Circle No. 255

GranQuartz- Diarex Magnum dust collection units - offering high particulate efficiencies with the convenience of portability; also displayed a new line of small-diameter CNC tools, which are ideal for profiling sink cutouts and other small radius curves, reports the company
Circle No. 254

Groves Inc.- displayed its range of heavy duty shop carts and transport racks, including the Ped Dolly 3660 and the Bundle Rack A-frame
Circle No. 253

Hard Rock Tool- new Mach 5 profile edging machine; also, the Dust Devil, which controls the dust in fabrication shops up to 2,000 feet per minute and contains reusable filters
Circle No. 252

Hydrajet- the Accura 612 versatile waterjet, which cuts any thickness and any type of material by using high-pressured water, and features a dual Z-axis
Circle No. 251

IGE Solutions- Pedrini Lux M920GR and M920PC bridge saws for marble and granite; the Prussiani Champion 5 bridge saw, which allows the operator to program the cut of a slab while it is performing the cut of another one; the Prussiani SHM-Rabbit - a small-footprint CNC machine created especially for the execution of holes for sinks in kitchen and bathroom tops and is complete with an 11-station tool crib that can be doubled upon request
Circle No. 250

International Machine Corp.- offered a selection of exclusive equipment lines from Levi Tunisi, Dal Forno, C.O.B.A.L.M., Zonato, Matec and Isimar, including the Levi Tunisi bridge saw 546, Matec water filtration system and Dal Forno vacuum lifter
Circle No. 249

Italdiamant- offered a complete range of diamond tools for the monument and fabrication industries that can be used on any kind of stone
Circle No. 248

Laser Products- the LT-55 Precision Laser Templator, which offers precision laser measuring in real time, and provides field measurements in .dxf format with multi-color and multi-plane files, while offering low operating costs in the field and at the shop
Circle No. 247

Matrix Stone Products- the Contour CNC work center designed to automate the sink-hole cutting and polishing; the unit has a working stroke of 50 x 23 x 10 inches, and no “G” code programming is required
Circle No. 246

Midas Stone Machinery- the BIPK200 single head edge profiler with a 10.5 foot working length, digital readout and variable speed format; the PW1TK600.1, a single-blade saw that features an 18-hp motor, single cut in automatic cycle, automatic tilting to 45 degrees and digital readout
Circle No. 245

Northwood- NW-257 StoneJETâ„¢ and the NW-127 SawJETâ„¢ abrasive waterjet machining centers designed for the stone fabricator
Circle No. 244

Omag Corp./Salem Stone- Mill 4X - a 3 to 4 axis machine that features easy three dimensional programming, performing of any profile and polished tilting countertops, CAM program for vacuum cup positioning with intersetting calculation and a lathe system
Circle No. 243

Omax Corp.- debuted the 80X JetMachining® Center, a large format abrasive waterjet for stone and tile, which features an 80-inch Y axis as well as an X axis that is expandable in length in 72-inch increments
Circle No. 242

Park Industries- the new Yukon II bridge saw, which has enhanced, easy-to-use machine controls, improved saw-cutting speed and accuracy and a diagnostic screen that allows users to review the machine's control status and receive troubleshooting guidance; the Pro-Edge IV edging machine, with enhanced engineering and a new touch-screen operator interface
Circle No. 241

Primax Diamond Tool, Inc.- introduced its “Premium” line of Caiman® wet polishing pads, which feature a 3-mm diamond height and come in a 4-inch diameter. All Caiman polishing pads are color-coded and are available in the following grits: 50-lime, 100-white, 200-yellow, 400-blue, 800-orange, 1,500-green, 3,000-red and final-black & white
Circle No. 240

Regent Stone Products- offered the Craftsman's Choice 5” 5-Step System for in-line machines, with an epoxy resin to make the wheels very long-lasting; Craftsman's Choice Dry Superflex pads, which are for shop or field use and have a high degree of flexibility, which permits the polishing of all radiused edges quickly and efficiently; also displayed the VSP-110 variable speed wet polisher from Alpha, which has a second transmission gear set to reduce spindle RPMs - similar to the original AEP-458 polisher
Circle No. 239

Sawing Systems Inc.- the rebuilt 5RP radial arm polisher, which reduces production time in half and is a combination router, polisher, core drill and edger that can also grind drain boards for kitchen sinks; it features a variable speed (200 to 10,400 RPM) and a 5-hp spindle for different operations
Circle No. 238

Sommer & Maca- introduced a line of Prep/Master floor prep machines and grinders/polishers that is ideal for stone, tile, terrazzo and concrete restoration and maintenance; showcased its line of Warrior bridge saws and Merlin CNC machinery
Circle No. 237

Stone Boss- offered the complete line of Pantherâ„¢ Boss of diamond blades and accessories, including the Pather Boss VB core bit with vacuum brazed side protection
Circle No. 236

Tenax- promoted Airflex brushes, which offer a textured, yet smooth finish in granite slabs and bring up the color of the stone; they come in a range of different styles: 14-cm fickert, Frankfurt style, 4-, 5- and 6-inch snail-lock or Velcro-backed attachment
Circle No. 235

US Granite Machinery- exhibited the Sasso Meccanica TE inline profiler, an automated edge polishing machine, as well as the Flying Flat Sasso Meccanica flat edge polisher
Circle No. 234

Vic International- introduced the MicroCleanâ„¢ water filtration system designed to help meet the needs of OSHA and EPA; also, showcased the redesigned Seam Setter, which can join seams, level seams and stabilize backsplashes
Circle No. 233

Vytek Industrial Laser Systems- introduced new Stone Carving System, which works in conjunction with the laser to provide exceptional detail; also introduced the L-star laser system - a flying optic system with twin turbo drives, and it can carve a picture at 300 dpi onto a 12- x 12-inch tile in under five minutes
Circle No. 232

Water Treatment Technologies- the patented EnviroSystem, which was designed exclusively for the stone fabrication industry and produces crystal clear recycled water; Water Treatment Technologies also reported that the system has been approved by the major machinery manufacturers
Circle No. 41

Wood's Powr-Grip- the air-powered Tilter 1500, PT10HVAIR, a vacuum lifter which features a load capacity of 1,500 pounds, and has standard pad spread of 23 x 74 inches; the time needed for a 90-degree tilt is eight seconds
Circle No. 33

Z. Bavelloni- introduced the Egar 450-4 N - a new CNC stoneworking center with a digital drive access system for fast movement as well as new easy-to-use safety enclosures around the entire machine
Circle No. 31

Installation and Maintenance Products

Akemi North America- Nano-Effect, a stain repellent with new “nano-effect” technology, for the first time allowing a curing time of only three to five minutes; Stone Care Wipes for cleaning, protecting and shining stone products
Circle No. 27

Aqua Mix- offered its Natural Stone Care Kit as well as its line of adhesives, including Epoxy Flo, Epoxy Gel, Endurabond, Penetrating Epoxy, Polyester Gel, Polyester Flo and Colorants
Circle No. 26

Bellinzoni- Mastic Thassos, reinvented with a special ingredient to protect fractures in crystalline stones without seeping into the fractures
Circle No. 24

Custom Building Products- offered SoundGard® Lite, a versatile polypropylene mat underlayment for setting stone and tile directly over any acceptable sub-floor - up to nine times lighter than other underlayments, according to the manufacturer
Circle No. 22

Dry Treat- a new acid-proof, nearly invisible sealer that prevents etching of limestone, travertine and marble countertops
Circle No. 21

Fila- “The Simple Guides,” pocket-sized brochures to help clean and protect stone surfaces; these pamphlets offer advice on treating surfaces that are polished and unpolished, and they also contain information on routine cleaning, removing stains and removing mildew and moss
Circle No. 13

HMK- HMK P1 (3 in 1) spray, a ready-to-use product which has been specially developed for daily use on stone surfaces; the product cleans, maintains and protects in one application, enhancing the beauty of existing surfaces while providing protection
Circle No. 11

Laticrete International- SpectraLock Pro™ Grout, offering high performance, color uniformity, durability and stain resistance of epoxy grout with extraordinary use of ease; Laticrete® 255 MultiMax Multipurpose Thin Set Mortar, a three-in-one lightweight mortar that replaces mastic, multipurpose and medium-bed mortar
Circle No. 10

Miracle Sealants- 511 Seal and Enhance, a unique solvent-based formula designed to eliminate the need to use an impregnator before using a color enhancer
Circle No. 9

Stone Pro- offered its Stone Care Kit, complete with: Crystal Clean, an everyday stone cleaner; Finishing Touch, a cleaning polish; a Stone Pro sealer of the consumer's choice; and Sealer Applicator
Circle No. 8

VMC Technical Assistance Corp. - introduced VMC marble polishing compound product and Vitro Cut - which reduces steps for the contractor
Circle No. 6

Warmly Yours- launched easy-to-install electric floor warming kits, conveniently designed to cover most of today's bathroom floor plans
Circle No. 4