At Le Marble's plant in Ausonia, Italy, skilled employees use hand tools to put finishing details on stone products.

Le Marble Caminetti runs a full production operation for the manufacturing of fireplaces as well as other cut-to-size jobs at its plant in Ausonia, Italy. The company has invested in state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that it produces high-quality material.

A Montresor Lara 80-S2 edge polisher is among the machinery in the plant.

The plant includes areas for welding metal and a woodworking shop as well as a stone-processing area. And when touring Le Marble Caminetti's expansive showroom, visitors can view an extensive line of fireplaces. Styles range from traditional to contemporary, and they are suited for both commercial spaces such as hotels as well as private homes.

An Omag Profiler 4-axis CNC stoneworking center is used to produce intricate stone elements.

Approximately 60% of the stone used in the fabrication of Le Marble Caminetti's fireplaces is marble, but this can vary, according to the company. The stone, which is employed for the surround and hearth, adds to the quality of the product.

Among the technology in the plant are machines such as a Tecnocut waterjet, a Montresor Lara 80-S2 edge polisher, an Omag Profiler 4-axis CNC stoneworking center and a Pellegrini diamond wire saw for shaping. And to further advance the quality level of its products, Le Marble recently invested in an Omag 5-Axis shaping machine.

One of the most recent additions to Le Marble's fabrication plant is an Omag 5-Axis for shaping.

In addition to the state-of-the-art stone-processing machinery, Le Marble Caminetti's plant also includes an area for handwork. A total of 12 workstations are set up for workers to put finishing details on products.

Dimensional stone pieces are cut with a Pellegrini diamond wire saw.

According to the company, a total of 60 fireplaces are produced per day. Le Marble Caminetti runs an efficient operation to maintain a high production capacity as well as a high level of standards.