Lighthouse International has recently been established to assist companies looking to purchase stone from Brazil. The company is owned by Eros Assis Munari, who has six years of experience in the stone business and has participated in major stone trade events around the world as a representative of two leading Brazilian stone exporters. Munari, who has a Masters Degree in International Business and speaks English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, estimates that he has visited customers in approximately 100 cities around the globe.

With a strong network with some of the most important and reliable stone suppliers in Brazil, Lighthouse International offers the following services:

  • Quotation: The firm will ensure that every material needed will be carefully quoted by the top suppliers.
  • Research: For new materials and suppliers.
  • Assistance: Whenever the customer has any problem with his order.
  • Communication: Every transaction and all information are well documented between the customer, the supplier and Lighthouse International.
  • Inspections: Every order is thoroughly inspected, and selected bundles will have a Lighthouse sticker.
  • Follow-up: Complete follow-up of all orders from quotation through departure.
  • Assistance: Scheduling of business meetings, airport transfers and trade shows in Brazil.

For more information, contact Eros Assis Munari at Lighthouse International, Guarapari, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Phone: 55-27-3362-4950 or 55-27-9926-5185. E-mail: