Established in 1990, Pokarna Ltd. has become one of India's leading granite sources, and is known worldwide for its state-of-the-art facilities and distinguished materials. Founder Gautam Chand Jain, chairman and managing director of the company, which is located in Andhra Pradesh, India, succeeded in building his company according to his original plan. “We were very clear that we would compete successfully in the global arena by synthesizing the positive values of India with world-class up-to-the-minute technology and systems,” he said. “Our goal was to create the largest and most integrated granite company in the country.”,p. The company's first quarry, which was for Black Galaxy granite, played a large role in how Pokarna Ltd. began to thrive in the stone industry. Six years after acquiring the quarry, the company expanded its operations by purchasing a processing unit, and a second unit was added in 1999. Earlier this year, Pokarna Ltd. acquired two additional quarries, Acacia and Sun Gold, adding to its list of granite materials.

From the beginning, the company recognized the pivotal role that raw material played in leading the market. Therefore, its team of geologists has focused on identifying locations that have unusual varieties of granite in substantial quantities, using its intuition to spot colors that would satisfy both current and future trends.

Most of the company's raw materials come from its nine quarries spread across the country, each with its unique geological character that is reflected in the granite it yields. Diamond wire saw technology is used to extract the raw material in optimum sizes with maximum eco-sensitivity. These quarries work around-the-clock, producing more than 2,000 cubic meters of rough blocks every month, assuring a continuous supply of uniform quality material to its customers.

Fabricating the granite

Pokarna Ltd. consistently strives to update its two factories with cutting-edge technology. Pokarna's facility is equipped with 12 gangsaws; four polishing lines and two resining lines from Breton; a state-of-the-art tile production plant from Pedrini, which includes precision chamfering units; a Pedrini 56-disc block cutter; wire saws and a fully automatic flaming machine from Pellegrini.

Combined, the company's' factories produce about 6 million square feet of slabs and tiles annually, in finishes such as polished, honed, flamed, bushhammered and brushed or antiqued. Pokarna Ltd. also offers custom-fabricated granite products such as vanities, kitchen countertops and tabletops.

Pokarna Ltd. has firmly established its presence in the global market with exports to Europe, the Far East and the U.S. The company's employees feel privileged to count some of the most prestigious multi-national companies amongst its customers, according to Pokarna. Pokarna Ltd. has recently completed some large commercial projects in the U.S., which include: The Alexan, Buckhead Village, Atlanta, GA; Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX; and the Radisson Hotel, Flint, MI.

The company has a team of over 600 employees, which is “united like a family with a deep sense of oneness and a common purpose,” according to Pokarna.

Through all its achievements, the company has remained environmentally conscious, and has instituted major tree plantation programs at all its sites and factories, besides safely neutralizing effluents before disposing of them and recycling water throughout the manufacturing process.