KENT, OH -- Richel Inc.'s 43rd annual Waterjet Cutting Techniques Course will be held at the company's corporate offices in Kent, OH, from July 17 to 19, 2005.

All existing waterjet operators and owners are encouraged to attend as well as anyone else looking to buy or install a system, but who is not sure if waterjet is the right solution for the application. Richel, Inc. specializes in the field of reselling used waterjets, which are more accessible as the industry matures.

Many practical solutions to standard issues are discussed throughout the course with other attendees who operate various models of waterjets. Attendees will strip and rebuild an intensifier in Richel's shop; discover the advantages of multiple head cutting along with when to and when not to use multiple heads; prepare and program a job for waterjet cutting (raster to vector conversion and CAD/CAM); find shortcuts to make the cutting process easier and more efficient; physically run a waterjet system (loading a program, clamping and fixturing, changing nozzles and orifices); and perform general maintenance on the machine.

To register, call (330) 677-9100 or e-mail: The instructor, Richard Ward, is a professional engineer who has specialized in waterjet cutting since 1992. He has conducted over 40 seminars worldwide on waterjet cutting and has authored dozens of articles for publication.