Ghines has released the “HD Set” of new hydraulic portable machines. With a single, 4 kW drive-unit operating five different machines, this is a completely restyled line from the company.

The Sector HC portable router shapes and polishes the edge of any type of stone material. It offers a compact size and portability, but its reduced dimensions do not affect the power and the flexibility, Ghines reports. The tool can reach 9,700 rpm and the exact rotation speed is visualized in realtime on the digital display. These features allow the use of any shaped wheels, on every material, being sure of the best result.

The Vektor portable stonecutter performs straight, circular and multidirectional cuts, also on laid floors. Thanks to its power, the high disc rotation speed (6,550 rpm) remains steady even while working hard materials or performing cuts with a small radius.

The “Grinder” angle grinder is considered by Ghines to be its most versatile machine. Almost every kind of tool can be installed on the Grinder, including profiling wheels, cutters, drill bits, milling tools, polishing pads, cutting and shaped discs, bits for recess drains and rims and more. An internal lubrication system maintains the best working conditions for the tool. Light and powerful, it is supplied with a joint camper to facilitate manual jobs.

The Symbio-Drive and Symbio-Matic machines include revolutionary machines cutting with a chain. Symbio-Matic makes automatically sink cut-outs in a few minutes, with a perfectly perpendicular cut devoid of any flaws, leaving the workpiece ready for polishing. Users just need to turn the machine on by means of the remote control and the Symbio-Matic will do the job until the end, adjusting the forward speed automatically according to the working conditions (material, thickness, curvature, etc.).

Symbio-Drive is for freehand cuts, also with a small radius.

The Darhta 46 is the drive unit for Ghines machines, with a hydraulic motor. The 4 kW of supplied power put it above the other solutions available on the market. The new hydraulic group will be at Marmomacc in Verona this October.