The new Giorgio Conti Foundation, in memory of the entrepreneur and founder of RED Graniti, has been formed. This was possible due to the resolve of his daughters, Franca and Daniela, who established the foundation a year since the death of one of the most renowned men in Carrara, Italy, and one of the most prominent professionals in the stone industry.

The foundation aims to continue in the spirit of Giorgio Conti, who was known for his generosity and sense of humanity as well as his work in the stone industry. The goal of the Giorgio Conti Foundation is to foster social solidarity and the protection and promotion of human rights and the arts. In particular, its objectives are: to promote and carry out work assisting the needy and suffering for social, physical, mental, economic or family reasons - both in Italy and abroad; and to support and/or directly carry out action aimed at protecting, maintaining and turning to its best advantage artistic and historical heritage, working closely with the competent local authorities and institutions and associations with similar objectives.

The objectives shall be reached by means of: subsidies to persons suffering from financial hardship and awards and grants to these persons; contributions for medical expenses to physically or mentally disabled persons, with particular attention to illnesses caused from work in the quarries; promotion, carrying out and dissemination, with the aid of editorial and multimedia supports, of studies, research and projects for the conservation, protection and increase in value of artistic and historical heritage as well as direct intervention for the protection and restoration of the same; support, planning and/or organization of cultural events, training and information events aimed at promoting and raising awareness as regards the local historical and artistic heritage.

One of the first actions of the Foundation, upon the express wish of Giorgio Conti, is the building of a rest home for the elderly. The work of the Foundation will be carried out by Franca and Daniela Conti, their cousin Alessandro Conti and brotherly friend Enrico Bogazzi. For further information, contact Luca Galeazzi via e-mail at, or via telephone at +39 0585 779669.