ELGIN, IL -- Architects, designers and others who feel their building project has achieved excellence and incorporates the use of natural stone are invited to enter the 24th Tucker Architectural Award competition, sponsored by Building Stone Institute. Separate entries in any or all of the categories may be submitted. The eight categories are: non-residential structure; stone structure completed at least 40 years ago and still in use today; residential structure; landscape in a residential site development; landscape in a non-residential site development; renovation or restoration project (residential, commercial and public buildings); commercial interior project; and residential interior project.

Projects must have been completed within the last five years (with the exception of stone structures completed at least 40 years ago and still in use today category), but there is no limit to the number of entries submitted.

The criterion includes the excellence in concept, design, construction and use of natural stone.

To enter, provide all information in an 8 1⁄2- x 11-inch page size binder. Entries must include the following: 1. A completed entry form for each project. 2. A full description of the project including, where possible, the requirements of the client; how those requirements were met; information on the building’s function; the general area; why the stone was selected; and cost information, where available. 3. The best possible black-and-white or color photographs of the project (no photocopies). Along with the photographs, provide enough information and detail to enable the independent jury to be fully informed of the project. 4. A line drawing showing a typical stone installation. 5. On a separate sheet, to be concealed by the jury, the name and address of the (a) architectural firm (list team members); (b) project owner; (c) stone installer; (d) general contractor; (e) stone suppliers, if known. 6. Payment of $100 for the first entry and $50 for each additional entry.

Pack carefully and send to arrive prior to February 2, 2004. Entries can be mailed to Building Stone Institute, 2352 Cove Court, Elgin, IL 60123; Phone: 847-846-7153; Fax: 847-841-7153; E-mail: to buildingstone@netzero.net.