PHOENIX, AZ - In February 2004, Ze'ev Petrucci announced that he has started Petrucci Ltd. This company has been created as a stone marketing and distribution business working in conjunction with suppliers from South America, Israel and other locales.

Petrucci Ltd. seeks to provide its clients with the highest quality stones by using outstanding long-term relations with suppliers of products worldwide. The company provides its clients with an office that is located in Jerusalem, Israel, and an office near Phoenix, AZ, in order to provide timely and efficient services.

Petrucci, the company owner, has exemplary relations with factories and suppliers of stone, and is associated with architects, draftsmen and installation firms, which can provide Petrucci's clients with many technical services, according to the company.

They will offer Jerusalem Stone for interior and exterior cut to size and standard lines for paving, cladding and cubic work. Additionally, Petrucci Ltd. will offer a unique and complete line of South American stones for exterior and landscape architectural design purposes, including pool decking and more.