Tri-Mer Corp. of Owosso, MI, a manufacturer of process equipment for the aggregate industry, has recently introduced a line of polypropylene roto molded (“RM”) tanks. Tri-Mer roto mold tanks are impact-resistant, with high tensile and flexural strength. Roto mold tanks are manufactured in capacities up to 10,000 gallons. They are supplied in standard and custom shapes and colors, and dual containment tanks are also available. In addition to polypropylene tanks, Tri-Mer manufactures tanks from polyethylene, PVDF, PVC, PE and CPVC.

Tri-Mer tanks are designed using latest-generation CAD techniques, and constructed using proprietary tools and processes developed by Tri-Mer. Tanks can be designed with or without external supports. The company manufactures 304 and 316 stainless steel tanks as well, with lengths up to 110 feet and depths up to 15 feet. Shapes include round, elliptical, conical, cylindrical, cone-topped, truncated and square. Single and double wall tanks, and stackable tanks are also supplied. Tri-Mer tanks are supplied alone, or with hoods, material handling, ducting, piping, pumps and agitation, baffling and instrumentation.

Circle No. 288