Collomix CX hand-held power mixers are German-made mixers and imported by Mixing Innovations. Collomix CX mixers' feature powerful drive units and specially designed gear systems that optimize machine power and rotation speed for optimal performance and significantly reduced mixing times, reports its manufacturer. Additionally, the company states that Collomix CX power mixers outperform drills for mixing mortars, grouts, epoxies and cements in terms of quality, speed and design. The Collomix CX mixers series are available with a single and double shaft for versatility in mixing. Each model has an ergonomic design with a comfortable holding position and grip. The machine also is equipped with many safety features, including a guard handle and on/off switch as well as a complete line of mixing accessories and paddles. In addition, the mixing line also has a complete assortment of paddles for most mixing applications.

The CX Series hand-held power mixers are designed to provide high-performance mixing of cement, mortar, screed and other viscous materials used in the masonry, and tile trade. The mixers have been created to mix up to 25 gallons (2 1⁄2 cubic feet of material) at one time. The powerful motor is designed for mixing - not drilling holes - and the 2-speed gear units deliver the optimal power utilization in either slow or fast speeds.

This complete line of power tools includes a variety of versions that are designed to handle different materials and capacity levels. The CX 10 is designed for thin and medium bodied materials with an 8-gallon capacity. The CX 20 with a 10-gallon capacity, CX 40 with a 17-gallon capacity and CX 60 with a 25-gallon capacity are all for thin, medium and viscous material. The DUO handles all materials, including pcc mortar and loam mortar, with a dual shaft counter rotating power to 25-gallon capacity.

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Now in its third version, the T 108 (Baptized Evolution), features more than 25 functions, according to Thibaut, its manufacturer. The machine has the capability of processing countertops, funerary and other large stone applications. The T 108 can cut granite, marble, slate, limestone and basalt, among other material. A recent study illustrates that 95.5% of fabricators who purchased the T 108 were satisfied with the machine, reports Thibaut. The company will introduce the T 108 Automatic at Coverings in March.

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