Filling an important industry need, three Stone World Stone Fabrication Workshops took place in California this past April, and they were met with solid reviews by the fabricators and sponsors

in attendance. The one-day sessions were located in areas with heavy fabricator concentrations, including Burbank, CA; Anaheim, CA; and Oakland, CA.

The Stone Fabrication Workshops were conceived as intensive one-day seminars to deliver cutting-edge information and practical tips from respected industry experts, Kevin Padden, Keith Graves and Fred Hueston. Attendees were educated on how to run their shop more efficiently to increase output and profits.

Topics included:

  • Determining and Applying Fabrication Costs
  • Fabricating Engineered Stone -- How to Repair and Polish It
  • Granite -- Are Repairs Acceptable?
  • Stone Defects and Natural Occurrences
  • Resined Slabs -- Are They a Problem?
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Air/Water Purification
  • Templating
  • Management Strategies to Effectively Run the Fabrication Shop
  • Tips on Updating and Expanding the Fabrication Shop to Maximize Production

A registration fee of $195 included the full one-day workshop, all workshop meals (continental breakfast, lunch and beverages), an informational CD-ROM and other materials from Workshop sponsors.

Following each workshop, a Networking Reception allowed the fabricators to discuss issues with the speakers as well as with other fabricators. Moreover, the workshop sponsors were on hand to discuss industry issues and needs with those in attendance.

Seminar evaluations were completed by workshop attendees, and the speaker presentations received outstanding reviews -- consistently achieving the highest possible rating. In particular, attendees pointed to interactive nature of the workshops as well as the specific material covered. “Great topics -- short and to the point,” stated one fabricator. “Not too much, but enough information to absorb.” “The instructors were leaders in their field,” stated another. “It was great to hear about some of the issues our company and industry are facing today.”

Attendees also expressed their appreciation for the question-and-answer sessions. “The instructions are highly knowledgeable as well as approachable,” stated one attendee. “The presenters are very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions,” stated another. “They offered honest tips that can be used on a daily basis.”

More editions of the Stone World Stone Fabrication Workshops will take place in other regions of the U.S. Plans are currently underway for a series of Workshops in the Northeast this fall. Look for more information at