Bonsal's new B-7000 is a 100% solid, chemical-resistant and water-cleanable tile setting and grouting epoxy. B-7000 is a three-part epoxy that cures by chemical reaction. Part A is resin, part B is hardener, part C is Bonsal polymer modified sanded tile grout (sold separately), and part D is a thickener to use for vertical applications, according to the company. Ideal uses include mortaring natural stone, ceramic tile, quarry tile, pavers and mosaic tile as well as grouting any stone or ceramic tile in sanitary areas, such as food preparation areas, hospitals and others. Bonsal B-7000 Epoxy is available in all grout colors and exceeds the ANSI A118.3 specification for chemical-resistant, water-cleanable tile setting and grouting epoxy, reports Bonsal.

Circle No. 245