When it came time to design their 2,000-square-foot re-sidence in Durango, Mexico, the homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Fernandez Faya, wanted to impart a feeling of comfort and sophistication. As a result, the medium-sized residence was planned with a spacious layout to take advantage of every bit of available area in the home. Moreover, the design incorporates natural stone in every room of the residence, with a broad range of Durango StoneTM specified in various sizes, finishes and shades.

The material was supplied by World Wide Stone Corp., the exclusive quarrier and producer of Durango Stone, and the predominant finishes for stone were filled and honed and ancient truly tumbled. The home was designed to provide a stylish atmosphere for comfortable entertaining with close friends.

With stone employed in virtually every room of the house, the design is an example of how a mid-sized home can extensively incorporate stone to provide an elegant look of sophistication. By scaling down the tile sizes and using stone accents and trims, a look of high-end refinement was achieved through cost-effective methods.

The use of Durango Stone begins in the living areas of the home, which feature filled and honed tiles for the flooring. The honed travertine is gracefully laid out in simple patterns, bordered with honed Durango NocheTM, a contrasting brown travertine. This combination of shades for the floor tiles continues throughout the home, including the corridors at both levels.

To add variety to the stone use, certain areas of the home -- such as the master bedroom and the kitchen -- rely on a more monochromatic look. In these spaces, the floor pattern is comprised of a single variety of stone.

In many areas, the smooth surface of the floor tiles is contrasted with Durango Ancient ViejoTM, a rustic version of Durango AncientTM, a truly tumbled line of natural stone products. Further enhancing the rough-hewn look, the natural pores of the wall tiles were not filled after being installed.

A feature element of the living area is its staircase, which conveys the same splendor of a "grand stair," but on a smaller scale. The staircase features a sophisticated design with custom wrought iron contrasting the Durango Stone stair treads and risers. The stone on the walls winding up the staircase is Durango Ancient Viejo, providing an authentic, rustic look that is appealing to the European descendants of Mexico.

In the bathrooms, the design also features a combination of Durango Stone and Durango Noche. Honed Durango Stone tiles were used for the flooring as well as the tub facing, and the design also includes a border pattern using tumbled pieces of both stones. In the shower stall, the walls are comprised of small-format tiles in the Durango Ancient Viejo finish, and the same material was used for the built-in shelving within the shower. The shower floor is also Durango Stone, surrounded by a detailed border pattern.

In addition to the stone, the overall theme of the home is carried out with neutral shades and earth tones for the walls, furnishings and fabric. Also, a feeling of openness is achieved with abundant natural light from large windows and skylights, and the feel of elegance is further conveyed with ornamental light fixtures and rich woodwork.