Epoch Rock, Inc., a newly established gangsaw factory in Newfoundland, Canada, has begun shipping containers of granite slabs to customers in the U.S. "Taking advantage of its East Coast location, Epoch Rock can ship containers very quickly," said Christopher L. Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing. "And because of NAFTA, Epoch Rock's slabs are duty free."

After a year in construction and an investment of $20 million, the all-Breton plant is fully operational. Epoch Rock has six jumbo Breton gangsaws, and a 19 head Breton polisher. "Epoch Rock's oceanfront location, with its own 900-foot pier, ensures that blocks coming in and slabs going out never leave company property," Johnson said. "And with 20 acres to store our blocks, we have ample room for our initial $2 million in block inventory."

Epoch Rock has assembled a management team with over 70 years in the business, including experience in quarry development, technical director and stone sales. Epoch Rock currently stocks a broad range of colors, including granites from Brazil, Norway, South Africa and the U.S. It sells solely to importer/wholesalers. For more information, the company's New York sales office can be reached at 212-580-9704.