A complete revision of the Marble Institute of America's Residential Stone Countertop Installation Technical Module was recently released at StonExpo, which took place in Las Vegas, NV, from October 19 to 22, 2005.

Revising the module, part of MIA's prestigious “Dimension Stone Design Manual,” was a 12-month project completed by a special task force composed of industry leaders. The Dimension Stone Design Manual, is the industry's most comprehensive set of installation guidelines based on accepted industry practice.

“The installation guidelines should constantly be evolving to account for improvements with technology, proven industry practice and enhancements from previous versions,” said Chuck Muehlbauer, MIA technical director.

Among the revisions are a clarification of tolerances for joint/seams and exposed edges; inclusion of information about both 3-cm and 2-cm-thick materials; an introduction of definitions and acceptance/rejection criteria for fissures vs. cracks; an expanded section on joint/seam fillers; revised cabinet and substrate requirements; a list of recommended communications issues between supplier and consumer; and, improved and new illustrations.

The revision task force included: Scott Lardner of Rocky Mountain Stone Co.; Rich Booms of Booms Stone Co.; Kirk Campbell of Bell Stone Co.; Jose Rodriguez of Total Design on Marble; Jack Seiders of Architectural Granite and Marble, Inc., G.K. Naquin of Stone Interiors; Brian Williams of Luck Stone Corp.; and Chuck Muehlbauer.