The National Training Center for Stone & Masonry Trades (NTC), in association with the International Stone Institute, has unveiled a new manual for design professionals entitled “The Selection and Specification Guide for Tile and Stone in Commercial Flooring Applications.”

“This manual is designed to help owners, managers, designers and architects who are responsible for the installation of stone flooring in high-traffic properties such as hotels, casinos and malls,” said Fred Hueston, NTC Director. “Over the past 20 years, I have seen design professionals make major mistakes in specifying stone for commercial applications. This manual has been authored for the purposes of helping to foster proper selection and design and to avoid these mistakes.”

The Manual covers many tips on using the proper stone and tile, as well as a detailed specification for commercial flooring installations. In addition, the manual covers topics such as resined granites, and several how-to sections on how to avoid installation problems such as excess vapor emission and installing fiberglass - backed stone.