HOUSTON – Moderno Porcelain Works, a leader in the fabrication and installation of large-format porcelain, sintered stone and ultra-compact surfaces, launched its new product, MightySlab™. This innovative, patent-pending solution is set to revolutionize the industry for stone distributors and fabricators by offering unparalleled durability, ease of handling and simplified installation for large-format sintered stone and porcelain panels, according to the manufacturer.

MightySlab™ is 6mm large-format porcelain slabs with a 10mm Moderno Core Board (MCB) bonded together with a proprietary resin mesh. This synergy creates embedded armor and protection that marries the aesthetic appeal and surface benefits of porcelain with the structural strength typically associated with stone materials. The result is a robust, yet lightweight panel, designed for a diverse range of applications, including residential and commercial applications. This advanced technology significantly reduces constraints on the fabrication and installation process by strengthening its durability without eliminating the many design and wellness advantages of the material.

“Moderno was born out of innovation,” said Roberto Contreras, CEO of Moderno Porcelain Works. “There was a gap in fabrication and installation of large-format porcelain and sintered stone in the U.S., and we filled it with our advanced technology. Through that innovation, we have continued to perfect our process to allow the material to outperform anything else on the market today. The introduction of the MightySlab will further continue to raise the standards in the industry and allow for more innovation to come.”

According to Moderno Porcelain Works, MightySlab represents an invaluable asset for distributors, as well as fabricators of stone and quartz looking to expand their product line and streamline their processes. It is set to unlock new market potentials and avenues for revenue enhancement by enabling fabricators to undertake projects previously deemed too intricate or cost-prohibitive. 

Requiring only a porcelain blade, MightySlab cuts faster than traditional stone. MightySlab allows fabricators to utilize all their existing stone equipment and cutting machines without the need for recalibration. In addition, MightySlab simplifies installation and reduces preparation costs because it reduces the need for surfaces prep and the use of thin set. This is uniquely superior for all vertical wall applications, including shower walls due to its built-in waterproofing qualities. 

MightySlab can be installed directly to the studs and can be shimmed for plumbness. This allows stone installers to be able to set it in a similar way as a quartz panel in a residential application. Another added benefit to the ease of installation is installers only need construction adhesive instead of having to back butter with 100% coverage of thin set.

MightySlab Incorporating XTONE Moderno Series sintered stone slabs, MightySlab comes in 20 colors and different finishes, providing unmatched versatility and design options

Moderno Porcelain Works will be showcasing MightySlab at Coverings, set for April 22 to 25, 2024 in Atlanta, GA. Visit booth #4615.