Walking through the narrow streets of the historic quarter of Castellón, a small Valencian town on the Mediterranean, it might be a surprise to come across a modern and lively space. It is a bold high-end tavern that fuses street cuisine with the best local ingredients. The interior design, which is a showcase of high-quality tile from Decocer, contributes to the hip vibe of the establishment.

Known as Trenkaclosques, taking its name from a local expression meaning “jigsaw puzzle,” the modern venue features walls clad with Decocer’s olive green ceramic tiles -- giving it a touch of liveliness and personality.

The space is much more than just a place to eat; it is an experience that combines the contemporary with the traditional, fusing flavors and cultures. The design of the restaurant and its cuisine are a jigsaw puzzle, and in the end all the pieces fit together in an innovative way. The atmosphere is relaxed, youthful and full of vitality. The gastronomic menu is exceptional, standing out for its excellence in every dish. 

The interior layout of the restaurant, created by Armonic Consultores, is a single room that accommodates both high and low tables, as well as a bar and a cocktail bar, creating a welcoming and versatile atmosphere. The bar and the work area, each with a tiled backdrop, are strategically arranged and open to diners, inviting them to observe and participate in the culinary process.

The visible facade of the small tavern has been uniquely decorated with small-format tiles designed and custom-made by Decocer, giving the space a strong personality. These glazed pieces, measuring 7 1/2 x 30 cm, have an irregular shape and feature a subtle relief on their surfaces. Their intense olive green tone is visually striking and noticeable from the outside.

The olive green shade of the delicate tiles is known for its earthy appearance, with a subtle nuance that combines shades of green, yellow, beige and brown. 

The ceramic used has a very high intensity glazed finish, which causes it to reflect light exceptionally well throughout the restaurant. This feature further enhances the establishment's ambiance, creating a luminous effect that amplifies the feeling of spaciousness and brightness in every corner.

The layout of this cladding has been carried out vertically and using the so-called "three-quarter brik" format, which adds a distinctive style and unique geometric movement.

In the back bar of the cocktail area, Decocer supplied beige-colored hexagonal porcelain tiles measuring 17 ½ x 20 cm, enhanced with a camel-colored graphic to generate harmonious geometric patterns. These patterns echo a jigsaw puzzle, symbolizing the restaurant's unique philosophy.