Decocer, a Spanish tile manufacturer based in Castellón, has been producing custom lines for more than 30 years. The company has a strong commitment to quality and sustainability. It continually works to increase its efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. In particular, Decocer’s specialty is small-sized tile, and it has been making a concentrated effort to export to the North American market for the past decade.

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“Nowadays, more than 70% of our products go to the U.S.,” said Verónica Obrero, Decocer’s export manager. “Hopefully we continue that in the future.”

According to Obrero, the company uses premium materials to produce its tiles, and is very sensitive to its customers’ needs. “Our research team works every day to produce new textures, patterns and finishes that reflect the latest trends,” she said. “We work closely with architects, designers and other clients to understand their individual needs.”

Watch our video interview with Obrero above to learn more about Decocer.