With a geometry that gives it an imposing symbolic and conceptual load, created by and for architecture. ICON is a unique piece, inspired by a structural concrete profile, with a versatile character and a modular structure that was born with the aim of becoming a symbol in architecture.

A piece with a pure and iconic character, whose rigid and cold reminiscence, when taken out of context, is capable of acquiring an incomparable personality.

The decorative possibilities of the ICON pieces do not end with the finishes offered by WOW. These pieces are made with materials resistant to heat and chemicals, which is why they can be decorated without complications, and the easiest way is by painting. The ability of paint to transform spaces is incredible and it is also easily applicable. Each designer can adapt the finish of the pieces according to the needs of their project, being able to choose the RAL color that best suits their environments. The decorative options with paint are endless. As much as each one is capable of imagining.

For more on this collection visit https://www.wowdesigneu.com/collection/icon/.