Stile is Casalgrande Padana’s new collection that combines the sturdiness and durability of porcelain stoneware tiles and the charm of natural stone.

This collection comes in six shades ranging from gray and earthy beige to black-blue. Its eight sizes (10x30, 30x60, 60x60, 30x120, 60x120, 120x120, 45x90, and 90x90cm) and thicknesses ranging from 9 to 20mm allow for any layout design. And now, the collection has been enriched with the 30x30cm mosaic range with 5x5 and 5x15cm pieces.

In addition, Stile has various finishes for indoor and outdoor settings. The matte and smooth natural finish is perfect for seamless floors and walls. Some finishes give the porcelain stoneware slabs a “three-dimensional” look. For example, the diagonal finish is slightly structured with grooves that are naturally lighter than the surface; the ribbed finish is similar, but it has parallel ribs on the sides of the slab; the bush hammered finish has tiny dots of varying size; the antiqued finish features rounded edges that simulate the passing of time; the embossed finish creates a slightly textured surface. The version with polished parts in relief is called Silk. Finally, the grip is anR11anti-slip finish (available only for tiles 20mm thick) whose aesthetic effect is identical to that of the Natural finish.

Like all Casalgrande Padana collections, Stile is made with natural raw materials. These tiles are environmentally sustainable, fully recyclable, frost-resistant, and hypoallergenic. They are also resistant to flexure and any climate without ever changing or warping over time.

And like all Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware collections, Stile is also available with the Bios Antibacterial® or the Bios Self-Cleaning® treatment (for façades). Bios Antibacterial eliminates up to 99% of the four main bacterial strains, while Bios Self-Cleaning triggers a reaction in the presence of sunlight that also reduces air pollutants and decomposes dirt deposits. These are then washed away by rainwater, thanks to the super hydrophilicity of the porcelain stoneware surface.

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