DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- MAPEI, a global leader in construction products, proudly announces the pivotal role of its cutting-edge mortar/ink, Planitop 3D, in the construction of Habitat for Humanity's first-ever 3D-printed homes in Newport News, VA. The groundbreaking project, executed in collaboration with Alquist 3D and powered by 3D-printing technology from Black Buffalo 3D Corporation, marks a significant leap in the application of innovative construction methodologies.

Planitop 3D, MAPEI's state-of-the-art mortar/ink, played a central role in the success of the project. The advanced material, certified for its unparalleled performance and adaptability, facilitated the efficient and precise construction of the Habitat for Humanity homes. With a focus on innovative technology, MAPEI continues to set new standards in construction, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable and efficient housing solutions.

Luigi Di Geso, president and CEO of MAPEI, highlighted the company's commitment to technological advancements in construction, stating, “MAPEI is proud to contribute to the success of Habitat for Humanity’s first 3D-printed homes. Planitop 3D’s compliance with the International Code Council Evaluation Service’s [ICC-ES] standards for structural walls, ICC-ES AC509, showcases our dedication to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks.”

Fabrizio De Rossi, MAPEI’s national sales director for Concrete Restoration Systems (CRS) / Building and Major Projects, expressed his satisfaction with the project, stating, “We are pleased to witness families receiving the official keys to their new homes and starting to move in. This milestone not only highlights the success of cutting-edge construction technology, but also emphasizes the positive impact on the lives of those who now have a place to call their own.”

The completion of the first 3D-printed homes in Newport News is a momentous occasion, and MAPEI extends heartfelt congratulations to the two deserving families who now begin new chapters in their lives within these innovative residences. The project underscores MAPEI’s unwavering commitment to community-support initiatives, as exemplified by its collaboration with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

To add an extra layer of protection and aesthetic appeal to the homes, both structures were coated with MAPEI’s custom-colored Elastocolor paints. These premium coatings not only enhance the durability and weather resistance of the exterior surfaces, but also allow for a personalized and visually striking finish.

Looking forward, MAPEI is enthusiastic about the growth of 3D-printing technology in construction and will continue to support and contribute to its evolution. The company reiterates its commitment to fostering innovation, community development and sustainable building practices. MAPEI encourages the community to embrace the message of paying it forward, ensuring that the benefits of technological advancements in construction reach those in need.

“MAPEI is honored to be a part of this pioneering project," Di Geso said. "The successful application of Planitop 3D and Elastocolor paints in 3D-printed home construction further exemplifies MAPEI's commitment to advancing sustainable and innovative solutions within the construction industry.”

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