ST. CLOUD, MN -- Park Industries®, North America’s leading manufacturer of stone CNC machinery, announced the introduction of the new HydroClear Pro 400 water clarification system.  

Designed to recycle up to 325 gallons of water per minute at a sustained flow rate, this system provides large fabrication shops with clean, recycled water to fuel water needs now and into the future.

This new solution was built to take the guesswork out of water management while reducing water bills significantly.  

Major benefits of the HydroClear Pro 400 include:

  • Significant water bill savings – up to 95+% by recycling
  • Peace of Mind operations with real-time dashboard and visual alerts
  • Automated chemical dosing system, eliminates the need to manage chemicals
  • Eliminates the need to clean the pit with two unique pit stir solutions
  • Minimal maintenance with water flow-focused design
  • Environmental impact.

“Water management continues to be a challenge for fabricators across the country,” notes Scott Christman, director of product management and growth, “The HydroClear Pro 400 is an extension to our current line of water management systems that deliver clean, recycled water to larger shops and eliminates the struggles with managing chemicals.”  

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